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✨  Don't miss out! Register for our Employee Appreciation Webinar scheduled for 29th February.🎖️

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Rewards, Incentives, Payouts, Loyalty & Commissions Infrastructure for Businesses

Thousands of businesses of all sizes from startups to large enterprises use Xoxoday’s software and APIs for their employees, customers, sales & channel rewards.

A fully integrated suite of rewards & incentives products

A suite of products to cater to all your Rewards, Incentives, Payouts, Loyalty & Commissions use cases across various industry sectors.
Simple rewards automation that runs on the largest global rewards marketplace
Xoxoday Plum gets you access to technology stack to leverage rewards, incentives and payouts into your growth experiments everyday.
All-in-one employee engagement platform that powers your next level of growth
Xoxoday Empuls informs your people strategy with access to insights across lifecycle with surveys, and transforms insights into engagement impact with recognition and financial wellbeing solutions in one unified product.
Frictionless commissions experience with real-time performance insights
Xoxoday Compass helps your revenue operations teams design, publish, automate, and streamline complex incentives and commission structures. It transforms your largest sales expense into a business growth driver.

Supercharge your growth with rewards and incentives

A unified solution to manage rewards, payouts, benefits & commissions.Xoxoday transforms your growth strategy by motivating & engaging your key growth drivers: Employees, Sales & Channel, Customers.

Consumer Rewards

Improve engagement and enhance communication Build communities of interest, gather ideas and feedback, and keep everyone informed and aligned.

Loyalty Programs

Engage shoppers year-around, increase customer lifetime value and turn visitors into raving fans.

Referral Rewards

Enlist your loyal customers to become advocates.


Increases brand awareness and entices a customer to purchase a more.

Survey Incentives

Get better survey response rates with survey incentives.


Payout infrastructure that scales with your business. Simplify payments to your business associates.


Instantly pay on-demand gig and temporary workers anywhere in the world.

Insurance Payouts

Reward policyholder’s right behaviour, motivate agents and third-party sellers. 

Fleet & Delivery Payouts

Consolidate all your benefits, from meals to fuel, travel, telecom and  other gift allowances.

Reward APIs

Send global rewards with over 1 million reward options across more than 30 categories, including gift cards, experiences, merchandise, travel, and more. You get real-time reward delivery across 100+ countries with our multi-currency, multi-lingual capabilities.

Rewards Fulfilment

Send global rewards to 100+ countries. Over 1 million reward options across more than 30 categories. Multi-currency and multi-lingual capabilities.

Launch Rewards Storefront

Launch your own e-commerce rewards solution that has prebuilt UX and checkout capabilities. 

Integrate Rewards API

A full-stack embedded solution built to power rewards, incentives, benefits and payouts for you apps and platforms.

Employee Benefits

Venture beyond a regular salary and roll out personalized incentives and benefits to motivate and retain employees.

Perks & Discounts

Launch your corporate perks & discounts programme with a few clicks.

Employee Loans

Access to cash when employees need it most like in emergencies.

Meal, Fuel & Expense Cards

Consolidate all your benefits, from meals, to fuel cards, travel, telecom, periodicals etc.

Lifestyle & Financial

Enable benefits like insurance, financial wellness, health, and wellness.

Employee Engagement

Improve engagement and enhance communication, build communities of interest, gather ideas, get feedback, and keep everyone informed and aligned.


Roll out surveys & get analytics to gauge employee morale. 

Rewards & Recognition

Celebrate significant milestones in an employee’s career.


Promote communication, keep everyone informed.


Automated and flexible gifting with access to an extensive rewards catalogue.

Sales & Channel Incentives

Boost sales, improve customer engagement, engage loyal customers and convert casual buyers into brand advocates.

Sales Commissions Management

Launch commission plans in minutes. Publish leaderboards and get regular reports.

Agents, Wholesalers, Dealers

Innovative commission programs with  full transparency into targets, earnings, and an ETA on their payouts.

Medical Sales Rep Commission

Transform how you manage, pay, and reward your pharmaceutical and medical sales reps every pay cycle.

Insurance Policy Commissions

Motivate your agents with a gamified experience. Give them live access to their OTEs and commissions.

Enterprise ready

Our products are scalable and support multiple languages and multiple currencies. With a security and privacy-first approach, our products are built to meet the needs of enterprise businesses in every industry. Our support teams are available 24x7 to address all your concerns.
Security and privacy
We adhere to all major regulatory and certification requirements like - ISO 2700, SOC 2 audits using an independent third-party auditor, HIPAA certification, CCPA/CPRA Compliance and GDPR compliance.
We support multiple languages and currencies and host a global rewards catalog from popular global brands covering categories like electronics, jewellery, prepaid cards, experiences etc.
Access management
We support a wide range of single sign-on options and features like two-factor authentication.
Scalability and Agility
Our products are built on a microservices architecture, which allows us to deploy new features quickly and scale services selectively and on demand.
Our platform is pre-integrated with all leading enterprise Sales, HR, Marketing and other platforms.

The backbone for global rewards, incentives & payouts

We provide global rewards procurement and fulfillment solutions.


Rewards distributed
More than one billion rewards distributed.


End users
Make every day rewarding with us.


Countries covered
Multi-region capabilities with multi-lingual support.


Choice of rewards
1mn+ SKUs and products across 20 categories.

Rewards & marketplace APIs

Expedite your development with xoxoday’s headless api, pre-built integrations and SDK.
Xoxoday SDK
A comprehensive collection of tools that enables you to build software applications faster and in a more standardized way.
Pre-built Integrations
Connect with your marketing automation, CRMs, customer engagement, HR tools, collaboration software, and more so that you can get started faster.
Headless API & Commerce
APIs designed to support iterative development with RESTful endpoints. Roll-out features according to your business priorities, without large up-front investments. View documentation

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