Resources to help navigate uncertain times

COVID-19 is causing unprecedented disruption to businesses and is forcing everyone to think of new ways to keep the lights on. Through this page, Xoxoday offers to support organisations in their efforts to handle the COVID-19 crisis.

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Remote working without compromise

Remote Working Guide by Xoxoday

A guide with respect to remote working and WFH evolution, practices, adoption and future outlook.

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Driving performance with incentives

Find out how incentives can not only fix performances slow downs but also drive it for business growth.

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B2B selling amidst pandemic

Learn how to fix your B2B sales with a future-ready strategy that helps boosts revenues even during global slowdowns

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Fixing MICE hold-up with rewards

Discover how rewards can help you amidst a pandemic to cope with the gaps in your MICE strategy.

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Helpful guides for business success during the crisis

Engage Employees

Thoughts on how to engage employees
in crisis.

Employee Rewards & Benefits

Quick and real-time rewards and gifting for employees during festivals, long service and occasions.

Corporate Gifting

Digitize and personalize corporate gifting for employees, partners, referrals & clients globally.

Fulfilment Programs

Plug and play gift card, benefits or perks catalog and APIs.

Survey Panel Incentives

Run incentives for survey panelists with easy integration with survey tools.

Earn & Burn Programs

Manage loyalty points program with a global redemption catalog.



What are a few ways Xoxoday clients are engaging their employees during lock down?
  • Photography and art-imitation dress-up competitionsHow well do you know you coworker contests

  • Product quiz

  • Virtual open houses

  • Desktop decoration contests

  • Kids’ art presentations

  • Organising remote hobby classes

  • Online wellness programs from our wellness benefit vendors

  • Food presentation contests

  • Team art submission

  • Peer awards and appreciations

  • COVID19 volunteer communities

  • Surprise lock-down special gifts

  • Film a remote team sketch

  • Organise remote team lunches/ town halls

  • Organise multiplayer online tournaments

  • e-Learning programs

Can we brainstorm remotely, in ways that are not as noisy as video conferences?

Dedicated ideation based groups is a wonderful way to to brainstorm ideas and way better than video brainstorming sessions due to:

  • Team members get to present their ideas in their full details without interruptions
  • Members get to review ideas and comment their opinions in a structured way.
  • Older ideas can be quickly accessed over search and the entire history of the discussion is retained.
How can we continue nurturing our team cohesion at the lack of happy hours and team lunches?

Group chats work the best to bond as a team for informal discussions. Using a team based group for task discussions ensures better transparency and trust. Use these team groups to organise online team lunches to reflect on the wonderful times the team has had before lockdowns.While virtual meetups cannot replace face to face ones, communication platforms induce a lot of structure and order to team discussions - making them notably more effective. This effectiveness encourages team cohesion in better ways.

How can we continue our agile method of working, even while working remotely?

Creating dedicated groups for customer and product feedback and making it open to all to contribute - becomes a valuable center for circulating market response. These groups become ‘crowd-sourced’ customer intelligence repositories. Each issue can be quickly linked to a technical ticket from the groups and even business level follow ups on its project status can be made on each ticket. Discussions can be done around each individual feedback item on its viability and priorities.

How do we prevent employees from over-working that might cause WFH burnouts?
  • Team members get to present their ideas in their full details without Town Halls can be used to circulate important information regarding the significance of maintaining the work-rest balance and adhering to the prescribed office timings.
  • Managers can use team based groups or chats to reinforce the timings and fix mutually agreed upon ‘in’ and ‘out’ timings.
  • Wellness programs can be scheduled shortly before and after work timings to demarcate the start and end of work - in order to disconnect employees from continuously working.
What are the few modes of rewarding that are faring well during business lock-downs?
  • Direct award given from managers to employees for seamless work execution despite lock down restriction
  • Spot recognitions and value awards to employees who have discovered new means to support business continuity.
  • Team awards for teams who have been directly impacted by lockdown and still managing to continue functioning - teams like sales and business development
  • Peer to peer rewards for members from other teams who have gone out of their way to support their peers in executing their tasks.
How are organisations managing new employee onboarding while remote working?
  • Onboarding groups: Closed groups are created for employee onboarding and all organisation level training documentation is published here. These groups also work as help desks with the training managers quickly responding to new joinee enquiries.
  • Conversations with mentors: Organisation level (leadership team) and team level mentors are assigned to new joinees and in a day, 10 to 15 minutes of their time is blocked to have personal chats or video calls with the new joinee.
  • Team level groups: New members are added to team level groups - where they can instantly access ongoing conversations, task discussions and important documentations. Team groups also work as help desks for new joinees to put in their clarifications on any topic under discussion.
  • E-learning:The townhall group, onboarding and team level group publishes ongoing learning modules and materials in their respective spheres.
What are the top five aspects of the organisation that play an increased role (more than during in-office times) in employee NPS during lock down?
  • Psychological safety
  • Team relationships
  • Managerial relationships
  • Values
  • Rewards

Rewards & Savings during social distancing