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Referral & Sales Partners

Recommend our software products to your network and get rewarded at minimum investment. Make the most of the leading SaaS affiliate program to earn $1000 for every qualified lead you bring in and share a percentage of our profits for every sale. Leverage your technical and sales capabilities to consult, sell, and implement Xoxoday products for businesses globally.


Xoxoday partner benefits

High LTV Customers

Xoxoday’s customers typically have a high lifetime value (LTV) owing to the nature of our products, helping you achieve your business goals consistently.

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Partner support

Xoxoday provides full support to its partners in terms of onboarding, training, free product access, marketing collaterals, events, technical assistance, co-branding, and more. We work closely with our partners to make the program a success for both.

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No upfront investments

You benefit by growing together with Xoxoday without any investment.

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Recurring revenue

Xoxoday’s SaaS products offer recurring subscription revenue ensuring sustained cash flow for your business.

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