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Make every reward special with personalised Gift cards and vouchers from hundreds of international brands.
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Gift Card for Every Occasion

Be it for events, surveys, spot awards, long service or any other occasion, explore the unparalleled choice of rewarding from a wide range of international brands. Choose from categories like retail, e-commerce, entertainment, hospitality, wellness, fashion, gadgets, books and much more.

Unrivalled Offers and Discounts

Do more with your reward budgets. Enjoy fantastic offers and discounts on bulk purchase of a wide range of gift cards.

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Xoxo codes

Order on demand. No inventory cost.

Make rewarding easy and quick with Plum Pro API. Manage all operations - including procurement and delivery in real-time without adding to any inventory costs.

Instant Delivery with Your Branding

Instantly deliver gift cards via email, SMS, on screen or in app channels with your brand logo, colors and personalised message.

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Xoxo codes

Multi-Geography, Multi-Admin Capabilities

Deliver gift cards to anywhere in the world with localised options. Choose a denomination of choice to suit your program budgets and needs. Decentralise reward programs with multi admin capabilities.


When to Use Gift Cards?

Employee rewards at various stages of lifecycle
Instant rewarding of research panelists
Consumer promotions and loyalty campaigns


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