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Exclusive discounts program for employees, consumers & partners.
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Savings for Everyone. Savings on Everything.

Help your employees, consumers & partners get access to the best pre-negotiated perks, discounts and offers from the best brands. Choose from categories like everyday purchases, subscriptions, dining, gadgets, travel, learning, utilities, entertainment, fitness and more.

Xoxo codes
Xoxo codes

Celebrate in style

Offer exclusive discounts and perks for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, festivities and more. We use our unmatched buying power and discovery platform at thousands of suppliers to help you build exclusive programs to suit your organizational goals with our discounts solution.

Get your Dose of Weekly “Specials”

Miss no opportunity to save with specially curated discounts and deals that are added and refreshed each week to bring the best offers to you.

Xoxo codes
Xoxo codes

Miss Nothing. Lose Nothing

Make sure your users make maximum use of the perks and offers. Get timely and location-specific alerts and notifications for best usage of offers.

Detailed Program Analytics

Access detailed reports and analytics on how your program is performing. Analyse the consumption patterns, redemption frequency, popular categories, and savings of your employees, customers or partners.

Xoxo codes

Perks and offers for every business

Exclusive employee discounts and savings program

Customer loyalty & promotions with personalized coupon and discount offers

Appreciate your partners on closing new deals


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