Customer referral program. Turn customers into brand advocates

Turn your customers into your brand ambassadors and incentivize them with referral rewards.

Powerful, yet simple

Encourage brand advocates

Reward influencers, bloggers, and loyal brand champions who refer your brand to a wider audience. When you set up a referral program, you make it easy for your brand ambassadors to share their recommendations in a single click.

Acknowledge social actions

Acknowledge any social actions like mentions, posts, comments, shares or likes with automated rewards and incentives. Motivate your customers to increase the reach of your brand through their social actions.

Gain control with approval workflows

Gain complete control of the referral process using Plum’s powerful approval workflows. Scrutinize the referrals to approve or reject them before disseminating the rewards.

People accept recommendations from their personal networks far more readily than they trust advertising. A referral program encourages each one of your happy customers to recommend your brand to their networks. Referral programs draw in new customers who you might not be able to reach otherwise, giving you inorganic revenue growth. Referral programs strengthen your relationship with existing customers, making them feel like they’re “part of the family.” Referral rewards are the best form of rewards because they are “earned”.

Seamless integrations with your referral tools

Drive referrals from the tools you might already use. This gives you an easy & seamless way to run your campaigns.

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“Good buy for Real estate companies. We've been using Compass for incentivizing the sales workforce. It's a great product. It helps you to customize complex product level and trigger-based incentive programs. It can also be integrated with the CRM very well. It has improved our sales motivation and I see a 12-15% impact on my revenues (in the last 2 quarters). I highly recommend using Xoxoday Compass. Easy Integration, Simple Navigation, Error-free calculation and auditing.”
Shilpa G
Customer Success Manager, Team Empuls

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"Our signature club – the top 50 of dealers - contribute 40% of our revenue. It is important to get a better shop share with them because our industry is highly competitive. Xoxoday helped us create and nurture this exclusive community of channel partners with the use of technology, rewards and their aspirational redemption catalogue."
Mayank Agarwala
Business Analyst, Team Empuls

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"Before Xoxoday, our engagement program was dispersed and regional. They helped us unify our engagement program. Their exceptional technology support is one of their greatest advantages. Xoxoday has made our implementation much more streamlined and defined. We have statistically observed that the delivery executives who are engaged through Xoxoday have significantly better shift completion, attendance and delivery time."
Sodyam Bebarta
Software Developer, DevOps & QA