Sales engagement & sales enablement with rewards

Improve sales velocity and engage your prospects with personalized rewards.

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Improve Response Rates

Increase your campaign response rate and encourage more and more leads to attend the demos by sending instant “thank you” gifts. Add a personal and human touch to your automated sales outreach campaigns. 

Revive Lost Leads

Make those cold leads HOT again! Celebrate the prospects' milestones and events with a surprise gift. Make their day with a gourmet lunch or an adventure experience or a simple charity donation.

Accelerate Deal Velocity

Engage your prospects at various stages of the deal funnel with personalized rewards. Make them feel special and show gratitude with delightful surprises right from your CRM. Improve the close rates and crush the quota.

Reward Sales teams & Prospects

Keep your sales teams & prospects motivated with automated rewards triggered on pre-defined milestones like birthday, anniversary, renewals, upgrades or deal closures.

Seamless integrations with sales tools

Start sales engagement programs from the tools you might already use. This gives you an easy & seamless way to enable sales teams.

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