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Drive better responses and engagement with Xoxoday Zapier Integration

In this webinar, you will learn effective ways to improve your Sales performance, accelerate deal velocity and improve your closure rate by engaging with the prospect at every step of the funnel with Xoxoday Zapier integration.


Robert Richman
Srivatsan Mohan
Vice President @ Xoxoday
Robert Richman
Vaibhav Goel
Product Manager @Xoxoday

29th September 2020 at 16:00 IST

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How can an organisation build a strong culture to make it future-ready?

Strong company culture is undoubtedly a competitive advantage. But building one that positively influences your employees' performance and your customer engagement isn't easy.Find out how to build a strong culture and make an organisation future-ready.

Building the Customer Experience Playbook for BFSI

Customer Experience (CX), is the sum total of a customer's overall sentiment of every interaction that they have with your organization. Not only it has a profound impact on how we look at businesses as a whole but also impacts every important metric in the book.

Unsure How To Structure ESOPs At Your Startup? Help is here.

ESOPs are an excellent way for startups to hire and retain valuable employees, but often startup founders are at their wit's end trying to figure out the best way to structure ESOPs and leverage them while building teams.

Motivating employees with an integrated HRMS and rewards platform

Motivating employees with an integrated HRMS and rewards platform.6 in 10 of all employees are burnt out and with blurring work-life boundaries during the ongoing global remote work phenomenon, these numbers are only escalating.

Sales Is Everyone's Business

With its environmental, economic, and social impacts, the crisis will change customer and business buyer behaviour forever. Most businesses are experiencing a major disruption in how they go to market

Importance of Trust and Culture Economy in Turbulent Times

Now, more than ever, businesses need the Trust of their stakeholders to prosper over the long term. This Trust consists of some elements that are intrinsically linked to one another, forming part of the corporate ecosystem.

A better employee experience leads to a better customer experience

Employees are the lifeline of any business. It’s in the best interests of every stakeholder to ensure that their motivation doesn’t dip during these trying times in order for them to continue doing what they do best.

Building a High Performing Remote Company Culture

COVID-19 has drastically changed the way organizations function as they try to navigate through remote working journeys. Now that many employers are not physically observing their workers, the importance of making connections across the virtual divide has never been more important.

Building a crisis-proof workforce

With millions around the world suffering directly or indirectly due to COVID-19, how do HR and business leaders ensure their teams are able to not only endure, but thrive, with sudden changes and prolonged periods of uncertainty?

How AI is transforming the HR function

Employee satisfaction is important and employees are demanding a more streamlined approach to getting the assistance and recognition they need and in a timely manner.

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Setting your total reward and recognition program in the digital platform

It is very timely to transform HR into the digital platform and create a virtual community of highly engaged and productive employees.

Contemporary employees

Build a holistic wellness and well-being experience for employees

What do the Millennial & Gen-Z workforce care about? Are companies prepared for the requirements of these important cohorts?

Pitch it Perfect

Pitch it Perfect

Join Manoj Agarwal, Co-founder -Xoxoday in this workshop "Pitch it Perfect."  He will be sharing his learning which will help startup founder, sales, marketing and front end roles.

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What can be done to maintain employee focus in the midst of crisis and negativity

In association with People Management, Xoxoday hosts a webinar on re-focussing on employees amidst a global crisis.

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WFH is the New Normal: Through Enhanced Employee Engagement and Customer Experience

In association with HRTX, Xoxoday hosts a webinar on understanding that work from home is the new normal and how to continue employee engagement and customer experience while at it.

Human Resources Concept

The onslaught of AI and Technology in HR: Can technology replace the HR Function?

Supriya Sharma, a HR leader, talks about how the HR function faces the future of AI.

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The best project that you will work on, is you!

A healthy mind is a fruit that blossoms from a healthy body. With this webinar, you will know about the human body and its functionality to maintain a healthy lifestyle without hitting the gym. Remember, a power-packed workout breeds a powerful mind!

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Sustained employee engagement through rewards and recognition

Employee engagement is not a one-off approach that once piled on will stay for times to come. In fact, it has to be sustained with efforts and the best way to do that are rewards and recognition.This webinar will tell you how to do it.

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Rewards & recognition as strategic tool & talent magnet

The workforce of tomorrow is built with high-flying youngsters with high aspirations. This webinar will teach you how to bloom and attract the leaders of tomorrow.

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Remote Work Series Part 1 of 4: Global Perspectives to Employee Engagement During Work from Home

Learn how HR leaders across the globe are engaging with their workforces during remote work.

Modern father working from home

Remote Work Series Part 2 of 4: Global Perspectives to Employee Engagement During Work from Home

Learn how HR leaders across the globe are engaging with their workforces during remote work.

unrecognizable man having video call on computer

Remote Work Series Part 3 of 4: Global Perspectives to Employee Engagement During Work from Home

Learn how HR leaders across the globe are engaging with their workforces during remote work.

man and women cubes on table management

Reskilling your employees to stay relevant in today's fast evolving tech space

Stepping into the new decade, the modern-day workforce needs a lot of backing up in forms of skills because today’s scenario belongs to the fast learners. Let’s see how upskilling is made possible in this fast-evolving tech space.

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Non-HR skills that every HR professional must have

Every profession is now a concoction of skills and has multiple factors playing a role in it. Of course, why would the people managers be left behind? In this webinar, learn the art of managing people with new dynamics in the scenario. Bless your mind with exclusive non-HR techniques that Human Resource professionals should know.