Automate employee rewards & gifts
with 20,000+ reward choices

Automate the entire employee lifecycle rewards & gifts with Plum. Use Plum reward workflows, rule engine, bulk rewarding, multi-currency, global catalog capabilities to make the entire staff rewarding process hassle free.

Employee rewards & gifts for every milestone & occasion


Delight a new joiner with a new city experience or a welcome gift.

Service Anniversary

Recognize the tenure of employees with yearly, 5-year, 10-year, 25-year service anniversary awards.

Festivals & Occasions

Celebrate festivals like Christmas, New Year, Diwali, Thanksgiving and special days like Birthday, Mother’s day, Women’s day, Father’s day with delightful gifts.

Performance rewards

Reward & recognize good performance in the form of spot, monthly, quarterly, or annual performance awards.

Referral rewards

Let employees be your brand ambassadors for new hires and new client acquisition. Award employee advocacy with rewards.

Appreciation awards

Acknowledge a job well done with a reward to reinforce positive behaviours.

Milestone rewards

Make milestone reward workflows & triggers based on company values like wellness or learning to incentivize these behaviours.


Make employee exits and retirements an event to remember with delightful rewards.

Seamless integrations with HR tools

Start employee reward & gifting programs from the HR tools like HRMS, LMS, Wellness, RnR, & Performance. This gives you an easy & seamless way to automate the entire employee incentives.

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Customer is our true north #CustomerCentricity

"We were looking to build an employee engagement system that is self-sustaining and unrestrained - but pre-definable. Xoxoday addressed this and allowed us to decentralise such a program to empower people to take decisions.There was also a great opportunity of motivating thousands of employees through real time rewards and recognition – which we were losing out before Xoxoday."
Shilpa G
Customer Success Manager, Team Empuls

Be thorough to make it through- #FocuswithClearGoals

“Engaging Software. The team is prompt and helpful. The software is very engaging. It has brought transparency to our Reward & Recognition which motivates employees to perform better in order to view their names on the page. The XOXO team was very enthusiastic and offered us a good deal.”
Mayank Agarwala
Business Analyst, Team Empuls

Unlock new value #Innovation&Learning

“Our Milestone gifting has become more easy & less time consuming. It gives a wide varied range of products/ services to choose from.”
Sodyam Bebarta
Software Developer, DevOps & QA