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A globally renowned market research firm automated reward distribution with Plum Rewards API

Here’s how Nielsen, the world’s largest consumer research company, automated its market research rewards using Plum Rewards API.

About Nielsen

Nielsen Holdings is the largest consumer research company in the world. For more than 50 years, Nielsen has provided businesses worldwide with critical insight into consumer behavior.

Nielsen fuels the media industry with the most accurate understanding of what people listen to and watch. To discover what audiences love, they measure analytics across all channels and platforms⁠—from podcasts to streaming TV to social media. 


Before the implementation of Xoxoday Plum, procurement and dispatch of the rewards were done manually. As a result, managing panel rewards was a time-consuming process involving logistics and operational challenges. Privacy was also a concern as they had to disclose the panel members’ details with the vendor.

With thousands of surveys being done regularly, they were in desperate need of a streamlined and automated incentive system for the panel members and survey participants. They were also finding it hard to calculate analytics and reporting on reward redemption patterns. 

The solution offered by Xoxoday

With Plum, we offered automation of the reward distribution process leading to better redemption rates with reduced time investment. Xoxoday Plum also helped incentivize panelists and manage rewards in a single dashboard. We offered them the solution through our Plum Rewards API product so that it integrates seamlessly with their existing system.

With the API solution, Nielsen supercharged their incentive programs with instant rewards upon completing the survey or feedback.

After survey completion, an automated voucher is distributed to the panelist, who can choose from a vast catalog covering 100+ countries.

With this arrangement, Nielsen can also keep their data safe by not sharing the details of panel members with any third party.

With Xoxoday Plum, the researchers and business teams had a better utilization of their bandwidth and focused on core tasks, leaving the procurement process and distribution to the service providers. 

Nielsen also adapted to a post-COVID world with instant rewards to their online participants. They were also able to implement the gifting solution in a matter of days and without any inconvenience to existing processes.

How does it work?

Xoxoday provides developer APIs with a set of web services that allowed Nielsen to integrate and sell gift cards and e-gift cards on their websites and mobile applications. End-users were able to browse the vouchers, select and purchase using their reward points or payment gateway. In addition, detailed reporting and analytics on the number of orders placed, orders received, the amount paid, and more is provided in a single intuitive dashboard.

With the API integration, the user experience offered to survey participants improved significantly leading to a reduction in time taken to fill the survey.

Results in just 1.5 months

With Xoxoday Plum, Nielsen can instantly deliver rewards across devices through emails and SMSes sent directly to the end-user in the form of encrypted voucher codes. With a rich international catalog covering 21,000+ experiences, gift vouchers, and products to choose from, panelists are spoilt for choice.

A dedicated customer support team and an account manager were allocated to Nielsen to provide seamless service, help them set up, get onboard and facilitate post-sales support.

The integration of the platform was easy with simple onboarding steps. As a result, Plum delivered more than 700 rewards in just 45 days. In addition, Xoxoday Plum implemented rewards in 2 more panel programs within one month of the launch.

Here is what Nielsen had to say