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A leading data analytics and brand consulting firm, Kantar, distributed over $3 million in rewards in just a quarter

Here’s how Kantar, the world’s leading data, insights, and consulting company, eliminated the inefficacies of a manual reward process and automated its digital rewards with Xoxoday Plum.

About Kantar

Founded in 1992, Kantar is the world's leading data, insights, and consulting company. Present in 90 markets, Kantar has a complete, unique, and rounded understanding of people worldwide.

They work with their customers to create strategies, be it – improving brand awareness, attracting more consumers, increasing brand penetration, financial success, or growing peoples’ confidence in public services.

They collect their data digitally and share their insights in real-time – at scale and speed. Kantar provides self-service solutions that return results the same day and deep diagnostic ones that take longer. 


Before the implementation of Xoxoday Plum, procurement and dispatch of the rewards were done manually. As a result, managing panel rewards was a time-consuming process involving logistics and operational challenges. 

With remote becoming the norm, it became increasingly difficult to do physical rewards. Moreover, with lakhs of new online surveys being done regularly, they were in desperate need of a streamlined and automated incentive system for the survey participants. The existing solution they had before implementing Xoxoday Plum rewards consumed much of their employees’ bandwidth, thus causing significant hassles.

They were also finding it hard to calculate analytics and reporting on reward redemption patterns. 

The solution offered by Xoxoday:

With Plum, we offered automation of the reward distribution process leading to better redemption rates with reduced time investment. Xoxoday Plum also helped incentivize respondents and manage rewards in a single dashboard.

With the solution, Kantar supercharged its incentive programs with instant rewards upon completing the survey or feedback. After survey completion, an automated voucher is distributed to the panelist, who can choose from a vast catalog of 21,000+ reward options covering 100+ countries. 

Not only does this solution get rid of operational hassles and reward distribution, but Kantar can also abide by its data norms by keeping the information of its participants safe.

With Xoxoday Plum, the researchers and business teams had a better utilization of their bandwidth and focused on core tasks, leaving the procurement process and distribution to the service providers. 

With the solution, Kantar adapted to a post-COVID world with instant rewards to their online participants.  Kantar was also able to implement the solution in 72 hours and without affecting their existing processes.

How does it work?

Xoxoday provides a Storefront that allows Kantar to integrate and send e-gift cards and vouchers whenever a study is finished. Kantar also uses Plum APIs to distribute rewards en masse.

End-users were able to browse the vouchers, select and purchase using their reward points or payment gateway. In addition, detailed reporting and analytics on the number of orders placed, orders received, the amount paid, and more is provided in a single intuitive dashboard.

The Results:

With Xoxoday Plum, Kantar can instantly deliver rewards across devices through emails and SMSes sent directly to the end-user in the form of encrypted voucher links. With a rich international catalog covering 21,000+ experiences, gift vouchers, and products to choose from, panelists are spoilt for choice.

A dedicated customer support team and an account manager were allocated to Kantar to provide seamless service, help them set up, get onboard and facilitate post-sales support.

The integration of the platform was easy with simple onboarding steps. As a result, Plum delivered more than 3.32 million USD in rewards over the last three months. In addition, Kantar expects the usage of Xoxoday Plum to grow since online surveys have taken off significantly.

Xoxoday Plum has also helped better utilize resources across research, product, and business teams for the organization. They no longer have to deal with audits and logistical hassles, thus saving considerable time to reward procurement and distribution.

Here is what the client had to say: