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An ITES major improves rewarding efficiencies with Xoxoday Plum

Learn how this ITES major used Plum by Xoxoday to reduce the reward program implementation turn-around time by 70%. The elaborate process of doing inventory check at different locations and transporting physical goods during roadshows were all eliminated too.


Our client is an American multinational information technology company headquartered in Palo Alto, California, United States. They develop personal computers (PCs), printers and related supplies, as well as 3D printing solutions. They were formed on November 1, 2015, renamed from the personal computer and printer divisions of the original parent Company, with that company's enterprise product and business services divisions becoming the newly formed enterprise.


Our client found it laborious to manage rewards of their distributed sales and service teams. The elaborate vendor PO generation processes, stock management, reward curation and evolving interests of employees was making the traditional reward procurement process obsolete. They had multiple teams across locations, with different types of incentive programs. This became an elaborate and time bound process taking up very valuable time of the managers.

They also had the problem of having merely two modes of rewards. One was the cash incentives and the second were company-branded or generic physical goodies. Employees were growingly dissatisfied with the limitation of reward options and it was becoming trickier not to repeat rewards to the same individual. That said, managing stock and ensuring availability was becoming another significant part of the problem.

The Evaluation Process

Our client chose Xoxoday Plum for the following reasons:

Extensive redemption catalogue

In addition to gift vouchers, Xoxoday Plum even offered experiences, perks and privileges - that opened up the scope of the reward program. Employees could be given an exciting road trip (for example) rather than a speaker set for a third time.

Great customer service experience

The team was associated with Xoxoday Plum for procurement of digital vouchers and they had always ensured timely service. This motivated the team to go in for the full-fledged plum platform that lets them manage all rewards end to end. 

Great buying experience

The sales team of Xoxoday Plum walked our client team through the entire platform and understood their use case very thoroughly. The onboarding team and account management team too, have been of great help all throughout the process.


Creating unique rewarding experiences

Xoxoday Plum allows the client team to reward their employees not only with monetary value but also the choice of how they want to redeem it. These redemptions were made based on employee interests: Biker gangs went in for road trip experiences, some surprised their families with a family outing, a few got their damaged mobile replaced and even used them for grocery shopping. The general outlook about the Plum vouchers have been that of WoW - many employees have expressed how refreshing this mode of rewarding is.

Xoxoday team even went ahead and even customized gift boxes and booklets to award their leadership team. 

Reducing reward program turnaround time

The team says that Plum has reduced the reward program implementation turn-around time by 70%. The elaborate process of doing the inventory check at different locations, transporting physical goods during roadshows and vendor approval process - all have been eliminated. 

Multiple reward programs managed by a single platform

Our client implements three categories of employee reward/ incentivization and now Plum handles all the reward requirements for each of these. 

The first category of rewards is given to employees who have achieved their targets. 

The second category is to motivate the support teams to make sales - incrementally. These employees who complete their milestone-based sales targets and related training are rewarded with increasing Plum points.

The third category of rewards are for managers who have completed team target slabs - where reward denominations increase with achievement levels.

All these categories are managed and pre-defined over the Plum dashboard - helping the client team instantly reward a sales team member, service team member or manager.

Higher engagement in reward programs

There has been evident improvement in participation in reward programs and overall happiness. Employees are now thrilled to receive a reward that in no way will be repetitive or irrelevant.