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An online supplement store, improves its employee engagement through seamless employee rewards

About HealthKart

HealthKart, part of Bright LifeCare Pvt. Ltd., is committed to the mission of creating world-class health and wellness brands for consumers worldwide.

As one of their top fitness brands, HealthKart has over two million customers. Founded in 2011, it is an omnichannel marketplace for buying nutrition products online or from 100+ stores. The brand also provides diet counseling with a team of 200+ experts.


Amidst the pandemic in 2020, employees and organizations worldwide started working remotely due to the unprecedented shift to a virtual workforce. While everyone was still adjusting to the new normal, there were times when employees lacked the same level of energy or enthusiasm while working from home, and it was easy for employees to disengage from their job. This reduced employee engagement and impacted employee productivity.

Like many other organizations, Healthkart realized that one of the best ways to keep their remote employees engaged and boost their morale was by running an effective rewards program. They had to identify a platform that recognized employees for their contributions to the organization and encourage them with high-impact monetary rewards.

However, many of the current rewards and incentivizing solutions came with their challenges.‍ And it was vital for them to come across a holistic solution that was also cost-effective.

The Evaluation Process

Some of the direct benefits Healthkart wanted to reap from an employee recognition solution were :

  • Engage with their employees in times of 100% remote work.
  • Increased Productivity, irrespective of the place of work.
  • Improve employee retention over a period of time.
  • Align employees with the values and purpose of the company.

They felt the need for an employee rewards platform that would help drive the sense of achievement and felicitate employees periodically on a common platform, motivating them intrinsically.

HealthKart chose Xoxoday Plum for the following reasons:

  1. Plum, as a platform, provided a variety of benefits for the employees to choose from. One of the significant benefits of the Xoxoday employee rewards platform is that the entire platform can be managed online, making it very convenient for most employees to claim their benefits.
  2. Rewarding employees with Xoxoday vouchers, which could be redeemed at the time of their choice, was welcomed as a simple yet effective tool by both the business managers and employees. It also acted as a great way to recognize and reward the remote employees.
  3. For the Senior Management and HR, this reduced the effort of looking or purchasing the right gift card from an e-commerce portal and made the whole process of reward distribution much more straightforward and hassle-free.
  4. Plum offered great onboarding and customer service experience. The sales team of Xoxoday Plum walked HealthKart through the entire platform and understood their use case very thoroughly.

HealthKart felt that the onboarding team and account management team have been of great help throughout the process. HealthKart was associated with Xoxoday Plum to procure Xoxo vouchers, and the latter had always ensured timely service.


Here are some of the specific activities that HealthKart was able to incorporate for their workforce using Xoxoday Plum:

Impactful employee engagement programs conducted

  • Fun Fridays for their teams.
  • Town Hall was created for the organization.
  • An employee rewards program was implemented for all departments.
  • Specific engagement activities where they had to reward winning employees.
  • They provided Xoxoday Vouchers to all employees nominated as star performers.

Frequency of use

  • Engagement Programs on a Quarterly basis, All Hands for technology teams – Once in 2 months,
  • Fun Friday for technology teams – Twice in a Month
  • Engagement Programs on a Quarterly basis, All Hands for technology teams – Once in 2 months,
  • Fun Friday for technology teams – Twice in a Month

Seamless Use

Employees rarely got stuck on the Link/ Portal. The platform is pretty user-friendly, with a step-by-step guide present on the helpdesk when it comes to using the Xoxoday portal.


Once the employee understood how to use the Xoxoday voucher and redeem it in other portals such as Amazon, it was an excellent experience for the end-user.

Unique benefits provided by Plum platform

With 21,000+ options across 20+ categories, ranging from experiences, entertainment, dining to Amazon gift cards, employees can choose the reward of their choice.

Motivation for Employees/Users

Plum offered a feel-good factor and was a delight to employees. It allowed the employees to shop online from their device of choice, thus offering a good break from the monotony of work.

Recognizing and rewarding employees for their hard work was crucial in boosting engagement among all the other telecommuting facilities due to a virtual workforce. Employee recognition has now taken a digitized form, thanks to Xoxoday. The main goal was to incentivize continued productivity and dedication shown by the employees to keep them motivated and in high spirits.

HealthKart firmly believes that this partnership with Xoxoday has helped foster increased employee engagement during a tough time of need.

What their team had to say:

"I was awarded a Xoxo points voucher worth ₹1000 by my manager. I used it to purchase Amazon Vouchers. I liked the vast catalog that Plum offered, and also the redemption experience was delightful.
I am very thankful to my company & Xoxoday as they helped me make online purchases of groceries during lockdown once. This award has created a sense of excitement and helped me to put more effort into my tasks.
Thanks, team Xoxoday!"