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"Not everyone works only for pay. A whole broader set of things defines the purpose, makes people energized to come into work & deliver their creative best."

In industries such as FMCG, Technology enables employee connectivity, which is the first step in enablement. It also helps get the analytics going, knowing what's happening, what's working & what's not. The more real-time & predictive it is, the more they can deliver value. Companies like Mondelez believe in unlocking their employees' real growth potential, and rewards are an enabler in that.

"The No.1 lever that moves engagement is really the experience of being recognized for contributions one makes on a day-to-day basis."

In industries such as Information Technology, the importance of recognition of the workforce is critical. People have started to move away from putting on a desk or pin-up because what remains are memories. Therefore, custom recognition & rewards when offered make the entire experience of being recognized even more memorable. As more companies understand this and start using differentiated rewards, organizations tend to become more successful.

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"Be it cold, be it sun, be it rain, our delivery executives work 18 hours a day. And we want to show that we care about them, both inside and outside of work."

In most eCommerce platforms, delivery executives become the heart of the operations. Several delivery executives work close to almost 18 hours a day. Reward programs such as Swiggy’s Smiles Program ensure that the delivery executives are taken care of both inside and outside of work. Dinner Vouchers, Insurance, Scholarships & Personal Loans are just some of the several benefits of delivery executives under this program.

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