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Helps you automate sales campaigns, its communication and incentivization for sales partners.

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How It Works?


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Integrate Your Data Source

Quickly integrate with your information systems to integrate the data of product SKUs and sales.

Define Workflows

Create campaigns that are unique to your sales & business objectives.

Enable Partner Communication

Effective campaign communication to partners as well as tracking of sales target achievement.

Gather Sales Insights

Get metrics of partner achievements using leaderboards and advanced analytics.

Improve, Empower and Engage

Create engaged sales partner networks and improve the process based on feedback..

Key Impact Areas

Easy Goal Setting
Quick Incentive Allocation
Minimal Operational Challenges
Increased Channel Partner Trust
Decreased Manual Errors
Advanced Reporting And Analytics



Communicate seamlessly with your channel partners and improve transparency.

  • Feeds and announcements
  • Groups and communities
  • Budgeting
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Become an agile organisation that collects deep market insights using real-time feedback and powerful surveys.

  • Surveys
  • Continuous Feedback
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Use  instant recognition and aspirational rewarding to encourage channel partners to sell and service more.

  • Leaderboard, Greetings & Badges
  • Incentive Campaigns
  • Custom Storefront
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Help your channel partners be  aligned to your brand vision and make them your brand ambassadors.

  • Goal Setter
  • Incentive Calculator
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