Insurance, FMCG, EdTech

We help Sales teams improve topline by 30% & bottom line by 21% 

Timely updates of incentive schemes to improve TATs by 2X.

Intelligent nudges to influence on-field, real-time.

Selling to increase sales per agent per day by 30%.

Visibility of incentive calculations.

Reduce 4-6 dedicated resources from incentive management + ~200 combined work-days a year of data analysts and managers.

Insurance, Logistics, Retail

We help Gig workforce employers improve productivity by 27% 

Improving engagement with non-payroll Insurance agents and delivery personnel.

Communication and real-time performance visibility for even a 50000-100000 strong workforce.

Reducing attrition by 59%, thus improving the bottom line.

Gamified Rewards and Recognition.

Trusted by 1000+ brands

The Compass Value Cycle


Build better and faster incentive campaigns for your teams with our no-code and visual workflow canvas.

  • Complex rule engine.
  • Simulation and visualization.
  • Visual drag and drop logic design canvas.

Break down complex incentive logics into predefined functions to offer a simple drag and drop program creation for the program admin.

  • Formulae on the fly.
  • Run time reconfiguration. 
  • One-click stop and start.
Gamify outputs

Use exciting game templates such as milestones, races, counters, and bingo to drive participants to improve their performance.

  • Game templates
  • Leaderboards
  • Scorecards
  • Milestones
Scale Performance

Predictive analytics and run-time flexibility to improve the ROI of incentive campaigns in real-time. Instantly integrate with your day to day CRM or ERP systems with our open API.

  • Data structure agnostic.
  • Integrated payout systems.
  • Engage off-roll participants.
  • Interactive Coaching.
Measure effectiveness

Fully configurable live dashboards for teams and admins for data on commissions, campaigns, and payouts, to track pre-set key indicators and performance metrics.

  • Live dashboards.
  • Configurable widgets.
  • AI-based data analytics.
  • Data sharing.
Nudge behavior

Compass nudge engine can break down your performance targets into rightly timed interventions to your people to boost their performance and improve profitability.

  • Nudge unit.
  • Notifications.
  • Real-time transaction nudges.
  • Behavioral nudges.

Solutions that fit your business value chain

Insurance agents

Digitize insurance incentives and boost your agents’ trust, confidence, and performances.

Delivery Fleet

Motivate your delivery workers, truck drivers, and warehouse executives with gamified incentives.

FMCG Sales teams

Maximize the productivity and performance of FMCG sales teams through game mechanics.

Edtech Advisors

Drive performance of your EdTech Advisor with performance gamification and real-time incentives.

Customer success & service

Create wonderful customer experiences with a performance-driven customer care team.


Small & Medium Business

Event webhooks
Reports API
Incentives automation
Custom event templates
Leaderboard widget
User management
Redemtion catalog
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Game templates
Partner programs
Campaigns and rule engine
Goal setting and tracking
Cash Payouts
Custom Pricing
contact sales

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“Xoxoday Compass helped in increasing the happiness quotient of our salespeople resulting in better productivity and therefore the ROI that we as a company get on the product is significant. Digitization of rewards and instant gratification are critical as far as the sales department is concerned and Xoxoday Compass is catering the same.”
Mayank Agarwala
Business Analyst, Team Empuls