Analytics & insights

Powerful insights, early warnings & predictive analytics

Let data drive your decisions for better performance
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Configurable widgets & reports dashboard

Measure what matters with configurable widgets for both admins and end users.

Admin widgets like Investment ROI, program participation, leaderboard, regional performance, team wise performance and more.

End user widgets include earning trends, team leaderboard, earning simulator, and more.


Schedule and audit

Automate and schedule reports for more visibility. Get deeper insights on how teams are progressing, where they are stuck, where they need support, real time at one place. Goal tracking is completely automated, so that you can focus on key actions to achieve these goals.

monitor metrices

Insights for Team Managers

Team managers across different departments actually drive the business metrics. Compass provides manager-level access to understand team-level performance. Managers can build a personalized incentive program for their specific team members, analyze cross team performances, and draw insights to improve their own team performance. Budgeting allows managers to ask for promotional budgets and motivate their teams.

Align Employees

Predictive analytics

Machine learning and AI based business intelligence capabilities that learn from existing campaign data. It collects the campaign information and shows the appetite of the user to perform as per targets. Real-time recommendations and insights to correct existing campaigns, improve future campaigns and bring cost-effectiveness. Improve program ROI and efficiency with every campaign data and machine learning.

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"Xoxoday has plethora of vouchers/ gifts to choose from, which enables employees to use the gifts as per their needs. These vouchers are easy to redeem and has a very good customer support service."