Gamify with Leaderboards, Contests, Badges, Milestones and Rewards

Motivate your sales, channel partners, delivery, care and gig workforce with gamification. 
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Game mechanics

Define micro-achievement game challenges like Bingo or Tambola involving objectives, milestones, race, and missions making the entire program fun and easy. Spin up challenges, motivate your B teams, and reinforce healthy competitive spirit with gamified goals and KPIs. Create a win-win for all teams and set the stage for collaboration & peer learning through groups.

drive healthy competition

Leaderboards & contests

Real-time, live contest leaderboards and projections gives teams clear visibility into their standings and what they need to do to win. Celebrate wins, big and small, with public recognition keeping your teams motivated. Project it on big screen TVs on the floor for everyone to see the action.


Nudges & notifications

Get real time contextual notifications and nudges which help you effectively complete your targets. These personalized triggers and alerts like company announcements, new product launches, targets vs achieved, schemes, peer discussions, knowledge exchange, payouts etc help you with the right actions at the right time.

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