Automate Commissions & Incentives

Automate payouts and commissions to sales, channel partners, delivery or gig workforce easily.

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Types of commission payouts

Bank transfers

Transfer the incentive earnings directly in the user's bank account with eKYC.

Reward catalog

Users can redeem the earned incentives across 20,000+ digital gift cards, prepaid cards, experiences, and wallets across 80+ countries.

Credit notes

Users can get a credit note which can be used for future financial settlements.

Self transfer files

You can download the payout reports and use your own methods for disbursals.

Incentive audit

Make your incentive calculations & payouts instantly to build consistent trust and motivation. Remove any manual errors in payout calculations and distribution. Payouts are managed across multiple geographies & currencies seamlessly. See historical reports on these payouts for easy audits and accounting.

Admin controls

Incentive payout catalog

Use your incentive points on a vast global catalog including cash payouts, credit notes, gift cards, utilities, prepaid cards, experiences, travel, financial benefits, perks and offers. You can configure the payout catalog as per your requirements.

Automated greetings & gifts

Configure automated greetings for occasions like birthdays, wedding anniversaries, service tenures, on-boarding, festivals and more. These greetings can also be combined with monetary gifts. Configure notifications to peers and managers to celebrate together.

Incentive & Commission Payments

  • Compass enables fair, error free and transparent incentive calculations.
  • It takes care of user authentication and all security measures like GDPR or ISO.
  • Handle geographical tax implications and compliance before commission payouts.