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Turbo-charge Incentives
with Gamification

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Why compass?

Align people to targets, digitize incentives and communication, and provide error-free payouts on time.

Delayed Gratification

Delays in incentive distribution leads to demotivation.

Complex, Fragmented Data

Fragmented data in silos makes it complex for calculations.

Manual & Error Prone

Lack of technology solutions leads to manual hassles and costly errors.

Measuring ROI is difficult

Poor visibility on reports, trends, insights leading to low ROI.


Realtime motivation, insights & accountability

Goals & Performance

Align Targets
Define Behaviours

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Game Mechanics
Leaderboards & Contests
Nudges & Actions

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Analytics & Insights

Report Dashboard
Schedule & Audit
Program ROI

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Payouts & Redemptions

Payout Calculations
Instant Payouts
Redemption Catalog

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easy implementation

Get Started Within 60 Minutes

DIY Set-up

Create you whitelabeled campaign.


Build rulesets for campaigns, communication, budgets & distribution.


Instant distribution of incentives. Redeem on a vast catalog.


Real time analysis of campaign ROI and historical trends for improvements.

Celebrate Target Achievement

Insurance Agents

Digitize insurance incentives and boost your agents’ trust, confidence and keep them pepped up for what lies ahead.

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Dealer & Distributors

Automate incentive programs for dealer & distributor networks from a unified platform.

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Fleet & Mobility

Motivate your feet on street, delivery workforce, drivers with gamified incentives.

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Gig Workforce Incentives

Leverage the gig & freelance workforce better with inclusive incentive programs.

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Support Team & Call Centres

Create better customer experience with a motivated customer care team.

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Sales Teams

Maximise the productivity and performance of sales teams through game mechanics.

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Create your whitelabeled campaign.

Configurability & Admin Controls

Simple admin DIY controls for whitelabeling. Highly configurable capabilities for setting targets, incentive program, access controls, budgets, leaderboard, notifications and more to drive engagement in line with your requirements.

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Seamless Integrations

One click integration with CRM, DMS, CDR, spreadsheets & other third party API's.

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compass Pricing

Plans that scale with your needs

Companies of all sizes love Compass. Choose the plan which suits your needs best.

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small & medium business
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Goal Alignment
Account Management
Admin Settings
contact sales
Everything in SMB, plus
Audit Logs
Dedicated account manager
Local cloud deployment
Multi-lingual support
Advanced whitelabeling
Priority customer support
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