Use Cases

Simple & Powerful

Insurance Agents

Tailor make the incentive program as per the scheme, insured amounts, type etc using Compass rule engine. Build trust and confidence with your insurance agents through timely incentives payouts. Gamify the targets, show real time progress, celebrate small wins and push towards achieving more.

Simple & Powerful

Dealer & Distributors

A comprehensive and robust dealer and distributor incentive program is crucial for business growth. Compass helps you automate these incentive programs through seamless data integrations with existing systems like CRM, DMS or spreadsheets. You can run complex & custom campaigns based on locations, SKUs, occasions, quota, schemes through Compass DIY rule engine. Leaderboards & contests make the entire campaign participative and fun.

Simple & Powerful

Fleet & Mobility

Blue collar workforce face harsh working conditions leading to high attrition and burnout. Incentive and rewards for blue collar employees in delivery, fleet, driving, security, factories are often very complex due to lack of systems, technology and catalogs. Compass solves blue collar employees incentive calculations, disbursal and redemption through a gamified mobile app. Program design, budgeting, communication, system integrations and payouts make it a seamless experience.   

Simple & Powerful

Gig Workforce Incentives

Gig and freelance workforce is increasingly becoming an extended team for companies. Compass helps you drive engagement and reward Gig workers for good performance and targets. You can build reward campaigns based on their goals & metrics. Instant calculations & payouts add to their motivation.

enhance customer experience

Support Team & Call Centres

If you take care of your customer care executives, they will take care of your customers. These teams face high pressure jobs leading to low engagement and high attrition. Incentive programs for support teams and call centers brings a sense of achievement and keeps the team motivated. The CSAT scores, closure of tickets and other parameters can be integrated with Compass incentive rule engine for real time dashboards, leaderboards and disbursals. You can integrate Compass with your Helpdesk software for seamless incentive programs for agents and irate customers.

propel your sales

Sales Teams

Create a healthy competition by gamifying the experience so that achieving targets is as easy as setting it up Track your progress against your team, location, and metrics realtime. Use game mechanics like contests, leaderboards  to motivate everyone to go that extra mile.Compass integrates seamlessly with CRMs.


Automate incentive programs across industries

Realtime Delivery

Delayed gratification demotivates people. Realtime tracking & delivery of incentives.

Whitelabelling & Personalization

Manage custom campaigns, workflows, banners & logos as per your brand requirements.

Global Catalog & Payouts

Wide range of gift cards, experiences, activities, perks, wellness, travel, entertainment & financial payouts.

Integrate Seamlessly

One click integration with systems you use like CRM, DMS, helpdesk, spreadsheets etc.

Reports & Analytics

Use rich reports & analytics to draw insights on relative performance, upsell, CSAT & program ROI.

Omni Channel Delivery

Seamless experience on multiple platforms including web & mobile apps with delivery methods like SMS, Email, Whatsapp, QR Code, Notifications etc.

We have been associated with Xoxoday for over a year with minimal concerns. Quick responses to queries, extensive catalog with highly insightful admin portal - are all one needs.
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