Energize Your Insurance Sales Producers And Managers

Use gamification to make boring insurance sales fun with interactive contests and commission plans, and automated, on-time, error-free disbursals.

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Designed to solve problems in Insurance Sales

Insurance Sales Producers

Insurance sales is boring, Gamification make it interesting!

Monotony in sales attributes to significant business loss. Insurance sales producers faces following challenges

Pushy Goalsheets

• No Recognition for intermediate achievements
• Low Motivation to sell

Non-Engaging Schemes & Contests

• Lack of contests awareness
• Tough to get Scorecards
• Errors & Delays in disbursals

Team Managers

One-Click access to trends, performances and contests

Clear and instant visibility of performance data, contests and commission plans is important. Goal-sheets can help managers have bang-on conversations. However they face challenges in

Tracking Live Performance

• Performance of self, sales producers and skip-level reportees
• Leaderboards of performers, non-performers and inactive users

Visibility of Contests & Offers

• Unawareness about contests & offers
• Mapping eligible contests with different segments


• Striking earning-based conversations
• Income planning with sales producers

Program admins

Error-free, On-time Disbursals with Live ROI Tracking

Delays and errors in publishing contests, scorecards and disbursals make sales producers frustrated. This leads to attrition and productivity losses. Some of the problems of program admins are

Publishing Contests & Commission Plans

• Designing, Publishing and Broadcasting Contests is time consuming
• Track Contest performance manually

Timely Calculations & Disbursements

• Error-free calculations
• Adjustment requests
• Timely disbursals

Drawing Actionable Insights

• Inform the sales producers about target gaps
• Insights on contests

Publish Contests & Commission Plans in Under 10 Mins

Publish Incentive Programs in under 10 minutes! Select game templates, define KPIs and create logic with rules, variables and conditions.


Access Live Scores so your team and you can track performance real-time! Track Leaderboards to check how various teams are faring.


Calculate incentives with complex data sets and eliminate delay and manual errors, so your sales force can transfer their earnings directly in their bank account or redeem against 5000+ gift cards.


Encourage open and transparent communication through your organization through Communities. Groups with targeted sets of people for specific communication may also be created.


Timely Behavioral Nudges to keep your team on top of their performance. Nudges are sent as Push Notifications, Email, and SMS to help accelerate performance.


Powerful and on-time insights, along with predictive analytics that help you take data driven decisions and drive performance.


Sales Producers

Make sales fun again for your sale producers with interactive games, error-free calculations and on-time disbursals. Motivate your team to do more.

Team Manager

Make your Team Manager’s life effective with visibility of agent programs and target gaps, live leaderboard and income planning with sales producers.

Program Admin

Make your Program Admin’s life easier with easy-to-publish contest templates that suit your programs with error-free, on-time disbursals.

Impact in your Insurance Business

We’ve got it covered! No matter how simple or complex your incentive programs, Compass can handle it from start to finish.



Clear & Transparent Communication

No more manual scorecards and nudging! Move away from static WhatsApp and email communication to nudge-based notifications.




Better visibility of contests and commission plans motivate the sales team to earn more, directly accelerating productivity.



Saving On
Processing Time

No need to pour over excel sheets anymore! See a reduction in incentive processing time, and alleviate any manual errors too!



Savings On

Working within budgeted payouts? Save on error, delay, non-redemption, and attrition-led budget leakage.

Turbo-charge desired business KPI’s

See how a leading insurance company has used compass to boost Agent Recruitment.


Integrations and Deployments

Launch Compass as an independent App or integrate it within your native-App or just consume the calculation APIs and launch it with your own UX. Check out all Deployment Options and its configurable features!


One of the Top 10 Insurance companies globally use Xoxoday

Check out how Compass Gamification helped this top insurance provider increase their agent activity by 100%.


Think Adoption will be a Challenge?

We don’t just deploy and sit back! We’re there for your success. We provide you with a rich collection of collaterals that will guide you to increase adoption and best use our product-features. These will be triggered automatically to you!


Boost Insurance sales with Compass

Choose the Game Template
See the comparison

Make life of the insurance salesperson fun, challenging, and feel like a game

  • Choose from interesting game templates that fits their day-to-day life like milestones, counter, race, bingo etc.
  • Games make it visually appealing for users to play and check for updates.
  • Configured with behavioral nudges, pushes the salesperson to go that extra mile to perform.
Simplify publishing commission plans and contests
See the comparison

Pick variables and functions from the library and design game rules you desire

  • Configure game rules with a workflow and formulae of your choice.
  • Choose to give scores, points, cash, badges or certificates as rewards.
  • Get insights from past games to make game rules smarter.
  • Run long-term commission plans, Special Incentive Scheme and team-based contests.
Configure visuals for user-levels -
See the comparison

Display individual and team level performances

  • Managers and leaders can view their team performances on a visual scoreboard.
  • Create a sense of healthy competition between team managers with leaderboards.
  • Give access controls to managers to publish custom contest for teams to uplift their performances.
Live Scores & Leaderboards

Publish performance scorecards at a macro and granular level with a click of a button

  • Display live performance metrics like targets, achievements, commissions earned, opportunities, and more.
  • Broadcast leaderboards for healthy competition and benchmarking.
  • Auto-publish winners in group feeds and celebrate the achievements.
Nudge-based coaching

Auto-coach people with behavioral and performance-based nudges

  • Push notifications on targets, achievements, social feeds, announcements etc.
  • Timely interventions with behavioral nudges based on competition, planning of targets, or maximizing earnings.
  • Send out tips on objection handling, product information, market insights etc.
Automate Payments

Ontime and transparent payments without errors, boost motivation.

  • Choose from one-click payment options like bank transfers or gift cards.
  • Option to populate payment-files. Output can be used for manual payments or via outgoing payment APIs.
  • Audit-trails and calculation log-files available for analysis.
  • Option to override commission calculations.
Communication made easy

Group feature enables Insurance sales team to socialize, collaborate, and stay informed

  • Make region-based groups for social feeds.
  • Make groups for instant company-wide announcements.
  • Make groups for maintaining document repositories like product-info, policies know-how, contests & offers, video collaterals etc.
  • Configure group-settings like permission to post, tagging, reactions, and joining of the group.
AI-enabled Personal & Boardroom Analytics

Software learns from user-behaviors and helps to make your commission program smarter

  • Configure Widgets for salespeople like earning trends, leaderboard filters, earning calculator etc.
  • Configure Widgets for boardroom like macro-business analysis, region-wise performance etc.
  • Insights and Suggestions based on past commission programs like benchmarking of insurance targets, optimizing the commission structure etc.
  • Business simulation based on revenues, commission budgeting, commission structure, etc. (coming soon)

Business Impact of Compass

Across Insurance sales channels
For Insurance Advisors / Agents



Increase in

Agent activity Rate



Increased referrals

Boost trust with your brand

Direct Sales & Bancassurance Teams



Reduction in

Attrition rates



Improvement in

Sales productivity

Insurance contact center



Improvement in

Contact center productivity



Increase in

customer satisfaction

Insurance Case Study

Top insurance provider increases agent activity by 300% with Compass incentive gamification.

Full Case study

Be thorough to make it through- #FocuswithClearGoals

“Xoxoday Compass helped in increasing the happiness quotient of our salespeople resulting in better productivity and therefore the ROI that we as a company get on the product is significant. Digitization of rewards and instant gratification are critical as far as the sales department is concerned and Xoxoday Compass is catering the same.”
Mayank Agarwala
Business Analyst, Team Empuls

Next Steps? Let’s make your contests and commission spends more powerful!

Book a Demo with your Sales, IT & Commercial teams. We provide you product-walkthrough, discuss data-integration and Go-Live! With our past experience we have seen that it takes 2 to 5 weeks to go-live! The main task is to understand your data and its integration flow.