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Align your sales and partner network with organizational goals

Bring your channel partners on the same page.

Channel partners who share a common vision with the brand show more productivity and longevity. Sales and channel partners should have clearly defined and measurable goals, metrics and incentives to showcase best results. Channel partners and sales work in distributed environment, and hence a common alignment is very important for sustainable success.

Features that help partner alignment

Goals & targets

Define the goals and targets for your sales and channel partner teams. If these goals are already defined through an existing CRM or PRM, then you can connect the data points with Xoxoday Compass. SMART goals are very important in channel as the channel is geographically widespread and sales process is very dynamic.

Define behaviours to incentivize

Identify the key behaviours or outcomes which you want to drive for the organization. These outcomes can change with sales dynamics. The outcomes can also vary across different goals, geographies and type of channel. The incentive structure can then be defined based on the defined behaviours and outcomes.

Create rules engine

Channel incentives rules engine are generally very complex due to large data sets, program types, product types etc. Software programs like Compass make it very easy to handle such permutation and combination of data sets. The rules can be based on data like SKUs, location, channel tier, product price, margins and many more.

Incentive calculations & updates

For a successful sales campaign and channel program, channel partners and sales teams should get timely updates on program dates, incentive calculation rules, incentive distribution, key announcements, training materials, marketing collaterals etc. Compass helps to disseminate transparent information to every channel and sales partner on time and removes any kind of information arbitrage. The real time reports, analytics and campaign performance across the channel and sales teams brings healthy competition and transparency.

partner alignment