Sales Teams

Drive revenues with high performing and motivated sales teams.

Turbo-charge your sales team productivity with Compass sales enablement & sales commission platform.
Current problems

Current problems

Delayed incentives

Sales commissions delay lead to trust and motivation issues

Lack of transparency

Errors in calculations and visibility of performance

Manual & administrative hassles

High costs of commission calculation & distribution

Lack of engagement & motivation

Scalable tools to manage sales team motivation

Handle any complex sales commissions & incentives plan

Compass can handle the most complex sales incentive and commission plans like below.

Flat rate commissions : A single rate commission plan

Tiered commissions : Accelerated or tiered commissions

Milestone based commissions : Based on an activity, milestone, metric, deal etc.

Full visibility to sales reps and leaders

Compass aligns the entire sales team with transparent information which matters.

Transparency on reps sales commissions

Real time visibility on performance and commissions

Share announcements, campaign details, feedback real time with sales teams

Set the stage for collaboration and peer learning

Ignite a healthy competition and win-win culture with gamification.

Gamify sales with contests, competitions, leaderboards and games

Align competitions with sales targets and KPIs

Social rewards, recognition & celebrations for every small or big win

Sales Insights & Analytics

Get deep insights & actionables to improve sales team performance. 

Manage sales projections and productivity on a dashboard

Check team progress and areas where they need support

Early warnings for missing targets and opportunities

"After implementing Xoxoday, we have seen improvement in employee morale, eagerness to take up more responsibility and a healthy competition within the team. We are so happy with the product and the team running behind the show. This is a worthwhile investment creating a great picture of the work culture both within and outside the organization."
"We wanted our employees to aspire for a product, achieve milestones to get reward points and finally buy what they aspired for. Xoxoday helps us achieve exactly that. Our staff attrition has slumped from 8% to 4.7% - and I completely attribute it to the Staff Rewards and Recognition program run through our Xoxoday platform."
"Really appreciate the swift communication and support from all the teams. Hope to continue the same."

Robust, Secure, Scalable

Integrate with CRM or ERP

Integrate seamlessly with your existing sales tools, DMS, CRM, ERP for hassle free experience.

Commission payout catalog

Redeem your incentives and commissions on our global catalog of 20,000+ gift cards, wallets, experiences, travel or cash cards.

Fast onboarding

Get started with 60 min with easy DIY onboarding.

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