Your findings depend on the quality of responses

Incentivise your respondents to get higher representative sample and draw credible conclusive insights. Automate your rewards program with Xoxoday - a solution that powers incentives for some of the biggest market research firms in the world.

Low response rates affect results adversely!

With overwhelming digital noise especially when it comes to feedback requests, getting your participants to respond to surveys can be challenging. Your target audience may find it hard to justify value for the time spent, lack inherent motivation, or simply experience survey fatigue. As a result, campaign performance and data insights suffer.

Engage your respondents with rewards

Attractive form and survey designs are attention-grabbing but desirable and personalized rewards are what fulfill them. Fuel your survey campaigns with Xoxoday’s reward engine to entice up to 50% of non-responders to participate and give respondents stunning e-gifts across 80+ countries.

Spreading delight to 2M+ users with 5000+ businesses

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What we found

From boosting response rates to building goodwill and saving time & money.

Here’s why our customers incentivize their surveys with us.

Backed by 3rd party research and Product usage metrics
Responsiveness with an incentive offer
Participation Rates
Lower Market Research costs

Why rewards work when it comes to market research

Showcase upfront value
for respondent’s time

Upfront value with a range of customizable offerings helps in acknowledging the time investment from respondents.

Instant redemption
creates delight

Even with no fault at your end, delayed incentives leave a not-so-pleased after taste. Automated trigger kills that pain.

Enable qualifying

Having a robust incentive automation tool helps you throw in a wider net that helps your qualify respondents that are relevant to the case at hand.

Incentives for every type of research & surveys

No matter the kind of research or feedback you are collecting, use incentives to drive up your response rate and uncover valuable insights.

Customer Surveys

Market Research

Academic Research

Clinical Research

UX Research

Send out links with immediate incentives

Distribute instant reward links to respondents on survey completion. The best part? You only get charged for redeemed rewards.

Run multi-country campaigns with one account

Run complex multi-country surveys with Plum Rewards. We support multi-currency reward options across 75+ countries.

Leverage anonymous rewarding

Use incentives to boost responses and encourage hard-to-reach audiences to participate while keeping their identity a secret.

Track redemption data across campaigns in a single view

Spreadsheets are no longer needed to track reward fulfilment as ready reports are available on the Plum dashboard. Get up to speed with everything redeemed, rewards distributed, and responses in one place.

Use point-based rewarding for repeat reward use cases

Reduce drop-off of your respondents by incentivising them over a period of time. Make the rewarding experience 'fun' with gamification.

Why rewards work when it comes to market research

Getting more done

By automating survey rewards, you save yourself from mundane tasks while giving your respondents a delightful experience.

Increase in response rate

Having a sense of value for your respondent’s time helps increase the number of responses in a short span of time.

Our pricing saves you more

Pay for claimed rewards only. We follow an on-redemption pricing model wherein we do not charge you upfront for rewards sent.

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Borderless Access achieved a 90% decrease in time spent using Xoxoday’s rewarding technology

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Security and compliance
at the core

Xoxoday platform meets the highest certification standards to help reduce compliance burdens for your business and keep payouts safe.

Encryption of sensitive data
HTTPS and HSTS for secure connections
Vulnerability disclosure and reward programme

Application security guaranteed

For all customers, data is isolated in separate applications, preventing any leakage or exchange of information.
All customer's data is encrypted at rest including: user email addresses, user passwords, and API keys.
In our API, we support OAuth authentication and a UI for revoking tokens.
All changes to the code and infrastructure are reviewed to ensure they follow best practices and security guidelines (such as OWASP).

Automated and distributed


worth digital gifts within a few clicks

Great choice of rewards with extensive options to redeem from.

Global coverage is amazing!

Supercharge your business with Xoxoday

World’s most trusted rewards, incentives, benefits and payouts infrastructure for businesses of all sizes

*We don’t support physical gifts, instead, we have a wide range of digital gifts like gift cards, experiences, donations, payouts and more.
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