Features which help to connect distributed & remote teams together

The employee communication app to centralize corporate communication and bring the digital workplace to life.

Activity Feed

  1. Social digital workplace where employees can read, comment or post content with images, videos, & attachments.
  2. A voice for every employee across roles, departments, geographies, and teams.

Company culture, mission, vision, & values

  1. Bring shared company culture, vision, and values to life with transparent communication
  2. Align individual goals and let every employee understand & contribute positively to the company values & goals.

Collaboration through Groups & community

  1. Through community groups, employees with common interests – personal or professional, can come together to engage, collaborate, and have some fun!
  2. Reduce emails, siloes & increase crowdsourced creativity & productivity through group communication.

Social sharing & Employee advocacy

  1. Employees are your true brand ambassadors. Allow social sharing such as Linkedin through moderation.
  2. Use the power of your employees' social networks to get good news out virally.

Employee social network

  1. Browse through the employee directory & profiles to know more about your colleagues.
  2. One place where employees gather everyday to access all company news, events, announcements, and content.

Instant communication

  1. Access to important information, projects, initiatives anytime, anywhere. Whether it's a new broadcast or an old conversation.
  2. Rich communication in the form of questions, polls, surveys, and more to specific groups.