Get actionable insights with employee engagement surveys

Build a people first culture and great employee experience with continuous employee feedback & continuous improvement.


Built on the Deming cycle for continuous improvement


Measure employee net promoter score (eNPS). Through pulse surveys & employee feedback plan  to measure employee engagement score.


Take employee engagement initiatives with effective team communication, intelligent nudges and recommendations to improve eNPS.


Check metrics like employee retention, eNPS, employee turnover with regular cadence to see the benefits of employee engagement initiatives.


Keep measuring eNPS with continuous feedback & surveys in real time & fine tune your action plan.

Empuls, an employee experience solution

Empuls employee experience solution helps companies measure, analyse and improve the various factors that affect engagement, productivity, turnover and performance of employees.

Employee NPS (eNPS) surveys

Turn every employee into a brand advocate with just one question.

eNPS is your north star metric for employee experience & engagement. With a single question you can uncover the organization's health.

Uncover details of the eNPS results & identify what makes your employees advocates or detractors through a follow up engagement survey.

Learn how you can move detractors to promoters by actioning the results of the engagement survey.  

Engagement Surveys

Get continuous real time understanding of employee feedback through engagement pulse surveys.

Continuous real time insights help you discover problems before they lead to issues like attrition or poor performance.

Understand the metrics against time intervals, teams, geographies, departments to draw learnings & actionable insights.

Turn insights into actions and measure how new initiatives are helping to improve the engagement metrics so that you can course correct or down down in real time.

Employee Lifecycle Surveys

Custom built surveys for employee lifecycle milestones like onboarding, exit, wellbeing, diversity & inclusion.

Create opportunities for reflection and feedback at every employee milestone from onboarding to exit.

Understand survey data to improve employee hiring, development & retention in your company.

Use demographic data and heatmaps to highlight disparities between groups to align your D&I initiatives.

Get started in 60 minutes

Empuls employee engagement platform makes it very easy to start employee surveys.