La llamada de 2023. ¿Responderá el héroe que hay en ti?

The world has a surplus of superheroes, but there's never been one like you. Your power is your ability to inspire everyday people to ignite the hero in themselves.

Everyone loves a hero. But it’s the villains who make us jealous. Be it historically or in popular culture; evil has always been cool.  Secretly, we covet its power. Privately, we crave its glitter.

Understandable. After all, negativity is a natural, attractive, and hardwired human instinct. An essential counterfoil to positivity. Yin and yang. We perhaps wouldn’t appreciate one without the other.

But sometimes, it’s easy to feel that negativity is winning. Wars, Climate Change, Greed, People calling it quits, and so on. Yang outscores yin.

That’s when we can be overwhelmed. Feel low, beaten. And that’s exactly when we need a little push. To wake up the goodness in our hearts, which loves to stay lost in its own idyllic world. Even Newton’s first law agrees: ‘An object remains in rest or motion unless compelled to change its state by the action of an external force.’

In a small way, we hope Xoxoday has been that external force for your teams when it has truly mattered. Be it through the magic of connections (Employees), the miracle of motivation (Channel partners), or the joy of reciprocity (Rewards), we hope we have been able to tilt the balance back a little. By making the glass always look half full, never half empty. By making every day rewarding.

Post the pandemic; we will need our heroes again as a new world seeks to reboot sense and sanity. Count on us to play cheerleader every single time you rise and lead.    

Here’s to 2023. Here’s to a little more yin. And a little less yang.

Manoj Agarwal