Motivation plays a huge role in influencing human behaviour. That’s why business leaders are constantly looking for ways to motivate their employees, partners, customers, distributors or gig workforce, and drive improved performance, revenue, productivity and growth.

Motivational Currency is the ‘need of the hour’.

What is motivational currency, you might ask? 

Motivational currency is what drives your employees and what they value the most. While in some cases there are external factors like money, status, fame and power that influence human actions; there are other times when internal factors like the sense of individuality, purpose in life and the sheer joy and fulfilment of doing something drives people. Ultimately, it is what drives your employees.

In this document, you will learn in detail about the dynamics of motivation currency, and how a solution like Xoxoday can help you drive motivation and engagement amongst employees holistically (both intrinsically and extrinsically).