Less work, more impact

Plum's platform supports multiple modes of rewards distribution, including point-based, link-based and code-based rewarding, as well as API integrations. This flexibility makes it easy to manage rewards distribution across multiple channels and tailor the solution to suit the unique needs of businesses across various industries.

Rewarding Loyalty with points

Send reward points that keep accumulating automatically, enabling employees and customers to take advantage of the higher accumulated value of rewards, at their convenience and choose what, when, and where they want it, based on the milestones they have reached. Redeem rewards via SMS or email in preferred currency for global flexibility in distribution and redemption.

Ideal for use-cases like:

Employee rewards, Customer Loyalty, Integrations with HRMS, and more.

Ankit Sinha
VP Tech - Searce
Meaningful rewards distribution
With Xoxoday, we are now able to send vouchers to 400+ global employees LIVE at our company town hall. Rather than straight-up cash, Xoxoday’s digital rewards have also made the bonus payouts at Searce more meaningful and memorable for our employees and their families. It's addictive.

Custom Rewards via Unique Codes

Create and send unique reward codes to your employees, stakeholders or channel partners to reward them for any occasion. Codes can be redeemed on our marketplace against the item of their choice.

Ideal for use-cases like:

In-app rewards, Holiday gifting, Channel incentives, and more.

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Reward Options
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Link Your Way to Rewards

Link-based rewards offer a unique and fast way to distribute rewards without requiring registration or login. Admins can choose from multiple delivery options, including one-to-one, one-to-many, or self-generation for hassle-free distribution and improved efficiency.

Ideal for use-cases like:

Referral programs, Survey Incentives, Corporate Gifting, Customer gifting and more.