Company Size

Scalable solution for every stage of your business growth 

Xoxoday caters to your company’s unique needs and growth journey. From agile startups to established enterprises, Xoxoday can scale with your needs, fostering a culture of collaboration and success that drives your organization forward. 

Enterprise companies

At Xoxoday, we empower enterprise companies to foster stronger connections and drive engagement across their entire ecosystem – employees, customers, partners, and vendors. Our robust engagement platform offers tailored solutions to streamline and enhance your organization's engagement initiatives, fostering a culture of recognition, loyalty, and growth. 
Challenges in Enterprise companies

Engaging Diverse Stakeholder

Enterprise companies often have a vast network of stakeholders, including employees, customers, partners, and vendors, making it challenging to maintain consistent and effective engagement strategies across all groups. 

Implementing Scalable and Customizable Solutions

As enterprises grow, their engagement needs become increasingly complex, requiring scalable and customizable solutions that can adapt to their evolving requirements across multiple stakeholder groups. 

Implementing Consistent Rewards and Recognition Programs

With a diverse and geographically dispersed workforce, customers, partners, and vendors, enterprise companies face challenges in implementing consistent and effective rewards and recognition programs across all stakeholder groups. 
Xoxoday's Comprehensive Rewards, Incentive and Payouts Platform for Enterprise Companies 
Xoxoday empowers enterprises to effectively engage diverse stakeholders, implement scalable and customizable solutions, and maintain consistent rewards and recognition programs. Its centralized hub offers tailored initiatives, customizable branding, communication tools, and more than 1 Mn reward options catering to employees, customers, partners, and vendors. With scalable architecture, integration capabilities, global reach, localization support, and detailed analytics, Xoxoday enables enterprises to foster strong relationships, reinforce brand values, drive desired behaviors, and cultivate a culture of engagement and loyalty across their entire ecosystem. 
“Noticeable positive impact on culture.”

“You can build a fancy program on awarding employees and saying thank you, but in the end, the redemption process must be really useful, easy, and user-friendly to your employees. Xoxoday served the purpose just right. ”

Andreas Bauerlein
HRIS manager, Kennametal
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Power your engagement strategy with Xoxoday’s features customized for enterprises 

Security & Privacy

Certified with ISO 27001, GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, SOC 2. Secure features like 2FA, SSO, VAPT, code reviews, BCP, IDS, firewalls, logging, monitoring, MFA, data encryption, code audits. 

On-premise Deployment 

Maintain full control, added security, and compliance adherence with our on-premise deployment option tailored to your requirements. 


Dedicated team ensuring seamless integration and 24/7 expert assistance, enhancing your engagement experience with our platform. 

Scalability and agility 

Microservices architecture enabling rapid feature deployment and seamless scalability to accommodate evolving business needs. 


1M+ rewards from 100+ countries, supporting multiple languages and currencies. Easily configurable for user preferences worldwide.

White-labelled frontend 

Customize with your branding, design elements, time zones, languages, and local preferences for consistent user experience. 

Small and mid-size companies 

In growing companies, fostering strong relationships with customers and partners is vital for success. Supporting and appreciating the hard work of your entire ecosystem, including employees, customers, and partners, is equally crucial for driving growth and achieving your business goals.
Challenges in the Small and mid-size companies

Implementing Cost-Effective Engagement Programs

Limited resources make implementing affordable, comprehensive engagement programs for employees, customers, and partners challenging for SMBs. Finding cost-effective solutions that cater to multiple stakeholders is a hurdle. 

Building a Strong Culture of Recognition and Loyalty

Fostering a cohesive culture of recognition, appreciation, and loyalty across diverse employees, customers, and partners is daunting. With limited resources, creating a sense of community and engagement is a formidable task. 

Managing Engagement Initiatives Across Multiple Stakeholders

Juggling consistent engagement initiatives, messaging, branding, and experiences across employees, customers, and partners is difficult for SMBs. Ensuring consistency across different stakeholder groups with limited manpower is a significant challenge.
Xoxoday's Comprehensive Rewards, Incentive and Payouts Platform for SMB’s
Xoxoday offers an affordable and comprehensive engagement platform tailored to the needs of small and mid-size businesses. Its centralized hub enables SMBs to implement cost-effective rewards, recognition, and incentive programs for employees, customers, and partners. With customization branding, communication tools, and access to over 1 million reward options, Xoxoday helps SMBs foster a strong culture of appreciation and loyalty across their entire ecosystem. The platform's Scalable architecture, seamless integration capabilities, and localization support ensure that SMBs can adapt their engagement initiatives as they grow, while consistently reinforcing their brand values and driving desired behaviours. Detailed analytics and reporting empower data-driven decision-making, allowing SMBs to maximize their return on investment and cultivate a thriving community of engaged stakeholders.
“There's been 26% improvement in KYC conversion after collaborating with Xoxoday.” 

“Since integrating Xoxoday into our customer referral program, we've seen remarkable improvements, notably a 51% uplift in revenue rates and a significant 2% increase in lead acquisitions on Samco Securities.”

Sr. Ajay Dusane
Director de Crecimiento, Samco Securities Ltd
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Power your customer engagement strategy with Xoxoday’s features customized for SMBs

Quick Launch 

Set up your account DIY in a few minutes or on call with our experts, and get all the support, training, and resources you need for success. 

Global Rewards 

1m+ rewards options from 5K+ brands across gift cards, prepaid cards, experiences, merchandise, swags, charity, offers & more.​ 

Integraciones sin fisuras 

Integrate our platform to your CRM/HCM/ABM/Survey etc tools and set up automated reward workflows.​ 


The platform SDK & APIs allow you to embed the solution within any existing product.


The platform can be white-labeled with branding, logos, colors, time zones, currencies, and languages.

Advanced Analytics 

View detailed data reports and track the status of rewards delivery and redemption in real-time.​