Decentralised yet centralised way to manage your enterprise payouts

A smart wallet that can be used by everyone at work, yet safe to park your money. With a robust infrastructure that cohesively manages the logical relationship between a common wallet and spending controls at an individual level.


Control the experience

You own the relationship between different user roles, and associated limits and experience. Our technology works seamlessly in the background.

Purpose agnostic

Funds in the wallet can be used across initiatives, ranging from incentives, payouts and benefits. Funds get allocated on run time making it flexible to use.

Reduce costs through automation

All funds are automatically screened and reconciled removing manual processes, saving time and money.

Spreading delight to 2M+ users with 5000+ businesses

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One wallet many users

Access smart wallet technology that can be used across the organisation and geographies without any hassles.

Global from day one

Pay across borders, empower your global workforce, and enable recipients to transfer funds anywhere in the world. It’s never been faster or simpler to connect with customers, employees, distributors, and businesses across borders.

Recharge at once, and use across users & use cases

Your recharge can be used for programs for employees, customers to partners, the same recharge amount can be used for different campaigns.

Easy & Secure Integration

We are build to work from the flow of your work. You can start using your funds across use cases with our native integrations. All funds are automatically screened and reconciled — no more manual processes that take days, helping to remove cost and errors.

Get started in minutes

Create an account online in minutes and use our libraries and SDKs to securely disburse payouts.

Share Instant Links

Simplify payouts with link based payouts coupled with a choice of relevant redemption options.

Embed payouts engine

Design your own payouts form on your application using Xoxoday Elements – our rich, prebuilt UI components. Our newest additions will also let you support more coverage in redemption options.

Application Security Guaranted

For all customers, data is isolated in separate applications, preventing any leakage or exchange of information.
All customer's data is encrypted at rest including: user email addresses, user passwords, and API keys.
In our API, we support OAuth authentication and a UI for revoking tokens.
All changes to the code and infrastructure are reviewed to ensure they follow best practices and security guidelines (such as OWASP).

Delivering value beyond currency


Build engaging gaming products

Vertical Saas

Deliver complete solutions with rewards, Incentives and payouts solutions


Add automated payouts while maintaining company branding

Consumer technology

Increase engagement with point based system that can be redeemed with a digital wallet.

Crypto Products

Increase engagement with point based system that can be redeemed with a digital wallet.


Engage your customers with in-app benefits

Security and compliance
at the core

Xoxoday platform meets the highest certification standards to help reduce compliance burdens for your business and keep payouts safe.

Encryption of sensitive data
HTTPS and HSTS for secure connections
Vulnerability disclosure and reward programme

Reward value of over

$3 million

Distributed in one quarter

Increased rewarding efficiency


of employees nominated

Sent Maximum Rewards within

6 weeks

of implementing  automation workflows

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? It's ok, It is good to questions. You are the curious one! We hope these help, if they don’t, did we tell you about the support that no one can beat in the industry.

Can I run multi-country campaigns with Xoxoday?

What are the available payment methods for admins?

Can I integrate it with the tools I already use?

What support do you provide when it comes to resolving queries ?

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