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Channel Point Rewards

Channel point rewards are customizable and can include things like exclusive emotes, shoutouts, personalized messages, access to private streams or chats, or even the ability to influence the stream by suggesting game choices or challenges. Streamers can set different point costs for each reward and can also set limits on how many times a viewer can redeem a specific reward.

Viewers can earn channel points by participating in the chat, watching the stream for a certain amount of time, or completing specific actions set up by the streamer, such as following or subscribing to their channel. Channel point rewards provide a way for viewers to interact with the streamer and feel more connected to the community

What are channel point rewards?

Channel point rewards are rewards that streamers can set up for their viewers to redeem using Twitch Channel Points. These rewards can range from simple things like emotes and badges to more significant interactions like joining the streamer on a game or being able to request a song.

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Can all streamers offer channel point rewards?

Yes, any streamer can set up and offer channel point rewards to their viewers. However, some rewards may require more resources or effort from the streamer, so not all rewards will be available to all streamers.

How do I redeem channel point rewards?

To redeem a Channel Point Reward, you need to have enough Twitch Channel Points and click on the reward you want to redeem. The streamer will then be notified of your request and will fulfill the reward if they are able to do so.

Can I create my own channel point rewards?

No, only the streamer can create and set up channel point rewards. However, some streamers may take suggestions from their viewers on what rewards to offer.

Are channel point rewards free?

Yes, channel point rewards are free for viewers to redeem using their Twitch Channel Points. However, some rewards may require additional actions or resources from the streamer, so they may limit the number of redemptions or offer the reward only to certain viewers.

Can I trade or sell channel point rewards?

No, channel point rewards cannot be traded or sold. They are a feature of Twitch and are only redeemable by the viewer who earned them.

Can I request a refund for a redeemed Channel Point Reward?

No, channel point rewards cannot be refunded once they have been redeemed. It's important to make sure you want to redeem a reward before clicking the button to do so.

What happens if a streamer doesn't fulfill a redeemed reward?

If a streamer is unable to fulfill a Channel Point Reward, they should communicate this to the viewer who redeemed the reward and offer an alternative if possible. If a streamer consistently fails to fulfill rewards, viewers may be less likely to redeem rewards in the future.

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