The first impression is the best impression."  This adage holds more weight in these days of excess information, reducing time for you in front of your potential client. You are left with only 7 seconds to entice your customers through texts and emails. Here is where Xoxoday's comprehensive sales playbook on strategic gifting can help you accelerate your sales pipeline. Humans are hard-wired to reciprocate gifting. This playbook covers the best gifting strategies for accelerated pipeline conversion across every stage of the sales cycle through gifts, impactful messaging, and well-crafted emails.

What we cover:

  • Personalized gifting ideas while Prospecting, Nurturing, and Converting.
  • Effective email templates for higher open and CTR.
  • Effectiveness of gifting in boosting sales conversions.
  • Creating rewarding experiences through personalization.
  • Ways to build a more productive engagement strategy.
  • Best performing gifts, strategies, and messaging.