Safe, Secure and scalable

Enterprise-grade platform, state-of-the-art architecture, advanced micro-services, admin controls and much more. Our platform leverages AWS, we can focus on building and deploying innovative solutions that drive business growth, while AWS takes care of the underlying infrastructure and operational complexities.

Turn towards headless infrastructure

Xoxoday offers developer-friendly building blocks for quick integration in your favourite language, seamless onboarding with full ownership of migration and KYB validation, and a powerful infrastructure that allows for scalable growth.

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Designed to protect your data

With our poly cloud automation, you can be confident that your data resides and never leaves the requested country or region. Our solution provides maximum data protection and compliance with local regulations, making it ideal for companies that operate globally. This allows you to focus on your business, knowing that your data is safe and compliant with local regulations.

Ravi Gaur
Associate director
Very responsive with 100% uptime
Thanks to Xoxoday, we can now automate the incentive procurement and distribution, thus saving high costs and time. The overall online respondent experience has also been excellent.

Architecture as-a-service

Our architecture ensures high global traffic scalability, robustness, and reliability. By embracing Version Control Systems, we achieve infrastructure as code and leverage its fantastic benefits. Automation minimizes DevOps involvement and reduces reactive interactions, enabling a proactive approach, easier rollbacks, and efficient change tracking. We can scale with a CI/CD approach, modernize and improve productivity by quickly testing, integrating, building, and deploying code into production.