The largest no-code rewards marketplace

A no-code and self-configurable rewards marketplace comes with over 1 million global reward options across 100+ countries. Multiple categories, multi-lingual interface, headless APIs, and hyper personalization - our storefront has it all.

Storefront as-a-service

End-to-end e-commerce storefront for distributed businesses. Browse categories, search products, and access services. Xoxoday ensures secure, scalable, and compliant transaction management with real-time processing and 99.84% reliability.

1 B+
1 M+
Reward Options
5 K+

Send wherever you want

The multilingual platform lets you effortlessly connect with your global audience. Choose local brands, match gifts to your consumers' interests, and redeem rewards in local currency hassle-free.

Beth Roed
VP Strategy and Growth
Great range of global rewards
Our employees really like the Xoxoday rewarding process. The customer service that they offer is exceptional and commendable. That was the most important criteria for us to decide on them.

Build your own storefront

Tailor the storefront and custom brands to enhance end-user redemption experience. Adjust color scheme, logo, and product categories to align with your brand's aesthetics.

Bring endless possibilities

Our APIs provide customized access to our reward marketplace, categorized by location and denomination. Additionally, we offer APIs for specific product functionalities like points, code and link-based rewarding.

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Build. Iterate and Ship fast

Simulate rewards and payouts to test your integration without moving real money. Use special values in test mode to simulate transactions and scenarios in our staging environment, including declines, fraud, and invalid data.