The All-in-One Virtual Reward Code & Points System

Redeemable globally for gift cards, merchandise, travel, experiences, events, mobile recharge, perks and more. 

Hassle free rewarding

Easily manage and execute engagement and other surveys at one place.

Select single or multi-users you want to reward.

Send them unique Xoxo codes or reward them with Xoxo points.

Redeem on on gift cards, experiences, travel as per the campaign.

Multiple codes or points can be combined in single purchase.

Remaining amount in codes or points can be used for the next purchase.

Use credit card, debit card and other payment modes to pay additional value at checkout.

"After implementing Xoxoday, we have seen improvement in employee morale, eagerness to take up more responsibility and a healthy competition within the team. We are so happy with the product and the team running behind the show. This is a worthwhile investment creating a great picture of the work culture both within and outside the organization."
"We wanted our employees to aspire for a product, achieve milestones to get reward points and finally buy what they aspired for. Xoxoday helps us achieve exactly that. Our staff attrition has slumped from 8% to 4.7% - and I completely attribute it to the Staff Rewards and Recognition program run through our Xoxoday platform."
"Really appreciate the swift communication and support from all the teams. Hope to continue the same."

Purchase Global Gift Codes & Points

Start exclusive perks and discount program for your business within 60 minutes

The everything code &

Redeemable on every catalog option in

Digital or physical delivery options

Instant digital delivery and gift packed physical delivery

Category only gift code or points

Redeemable on specific categories like hotels, experiences, utilities, edtech, retails etc.


Robust, Secure, Scalable

Flexibility & Choice

Choose your denomination, currency, country, category, delivery method.

Easy & Real time

Easy to administer and instant delivery anywhere in the world.

Omni Channel Delivery

Choose any delivery method like On-Screen, SMS, Email, Whatsapp, QR Code, Notifications and more.

Analytics & Reports

Use rich reports & analytics to draw insights on spending patterns, usage patterns, program ROI & discounts.

Customize & Configure

Personalize your message, brand colors, logo and select catalog options as per your need.

Integration & Accessibility

Unified & seamless experience of integrating with your existing applications like CRM, HRMS, PRM, Survey & more.

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