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Choose A Reward Distribution
Mode That Fits You

The Distribution features of Xoxoday Plum offers you modes that
uniquely fit your rewarding requirements.

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Everything you do in Xoxoday Plum is data driven. You can keep track of your orders, invoices, redemptions, campaigns, program ROI and spends through the reports. The reports also gives lot of intelligence for one to see patterns in terms of program success, consumer preferences, demographics, spends, historical comparisons and more.

Millions of Choices to choose from

Impact Areas

Bulk or single purchase
Custom Denominations
Multiple Currency:
Supports all major global currencies
Custom Designs & Templates: Design your reward/gift with personalized messages, images and more
Access Controls:
Multi-admin with different access controls
Multi-Channel Delivery:
Deliver through SMS, Email, Whatsapp etc
Finance Management:
Invoice and payments management
Developer APIs:
APIs to connect with your in-house programs
Self serve so that you can run it anytime, anywhere


Digital Xoxo Codes & Points

Send digital Xoxo codes or points in custom denominations. Simply upload your recipients email or mobile list and send instantly. You can personalize the email content, branding and details to suit your requirement. Redeem these codes or points on Xoxoday storefront on the millions of options. 

  • Employee reward programs
  • Employee point based rewarding
  • Customer loyalty programs
  • Customer reward programs
  • Referral programs
  • Email rewarding

Plum Pro

Run gift card fulfilment or distribution programs for your employees, channel partners, referral programs, customers, survey respondents, sales incentives, festivals and more. Xoxoday Plum Pro gives the program admin all functionalities to run these programs anytime, anywhere.

  • Tier rewarding
  • Employee festive bonuses
  • Channel partner festive bonuses
  • Survey panel rewards
  • Consumer promotions
  • Trade incentives

Developer APIs

Integrate Plum points or gift card APIs in your existing systems like HRIS, CRM, PRM, Ticketing, Survey Panels and more. This gives you the flexibility to complete the transaction in your system.

  • Employee long service rewards
  • Employee milestone rewards
  • Consumer promotions
  • Festival rewards
  • Milestone rewards
  • Customer loyalty rewards

Physical Gift Boxes

Xoxo codes can be given in personalized packaging in keepsake boxes. The box is personalized with company name, logo and awardee name. This brings the real physical feel to the award and brings that Wow. These physical boxes are best suited for service awards, festivals, and other key milestones. 

  • Packaging styles choice options
  • Choose the customization templates
  • Choose individual or bulk delivery
  • Choose address collection mode