Choose A Reward Distribution Mode That Fits You

The Distribution features of Xoxoday Plum offers you modes that uniquely fit your rewarding requirements.

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Impact Areas

Omni Channel Rewarding (Email, SMS, App)
Integrate Rewards With Api
Choice of Physical Vs Virtual Gift Cards
Choice of Single Vs Bulk Vouchers
Choice of Points Vs Fixed Value Gift Vouchers
Rewarding Flexibility


Send Bulk Gift Voucher Via Email

Use Plum to send bulk Gift vouchers for your bulk reward programs. Simply upload the list of recipients and the user receives them via email for redemption.

  • Employee reward programs
  • Employee point based rewarding
  • Customer loyalty programs
  • Customer reward programs
  • Referral programs
  • Email rewarding

Generate And Download Gift Vouchers

Plum offers an option of generating gift vouchers individually or in bulk and download them for print or redistribution. This has varied applications in employee as well as consumer rewarding.

  • Tier rewarding
  • Employee festive bonuses
  • Channel partner festive bonuses
  • Survey panel rewards
  • Consumer promotions
  • Trade incentives

Distribution Via APIs

Plum offers to integrate with your Information Systems and automatically generate gift voucher and allocate points based on the data. This has great application in personal and professional milestone rewards.

  • Employee long service rewards
  • Employee milestone rewards
  • Consumer promotions
  • Festival rewards
  • Milestone rewards
  • Customer loyalty rewards

Distribution Via Physical Gift Packages

Plum offers you to choose physical gift packages which can be handed over to employees during ceremonies. A physical gift card with unique code is placed either in a beautiful envelop, elegant gift box or attractive easy-to-carry bags, as per your requirement. This unique code can be used at Plum's storefront with ease.

  • Packaging styles choice options
  • Choose the customization templates
  • Choose individual or bulk delivery
  • Choose address collection mode

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