Now deliver all employee benefits on one card

Xoxoday’s Multi-Benefit Card is a one-stop solution to all your employee benefits problems in one sleek card - promising efficiency, ease, and, most importantly, employee satisfaction.  It consolidates
Meal wallet
Books & Periodicals
Car Repairing
Telecom Services
Fuel & Driver’s Salary

Experience the power of a Multi-benefit card

Stand out from your competitors in a world full of employee benefit programs.

One stop platform

It will be your one-stop solution  to provide tax benefits to your employees.

RBI Compliant:

Our New age card with multi wallet benefits is RBI compliant. 

100% digital

From onboarding to spend tracking, the entire journey is 100% digital ensuring enhanced user experience

Tax Savings upto 30,000:

Helps employees save taxes upto INR 30,000/- per annum over and above section 80C

MCC Restrictions Enabled:

Channel spending, ensuring card use aligns with specific benefit categories.

Instant Wallet Activation:

0 day waiting period for wallet activation. Activated as soon as the KYC is approved.

Why Xoxoday Multi-benefit card as your employee benefit partner?

Employer admin portal
Online Web Portal
Universal acceptance of card 
Limited merchants acceptance
Limited merchants acceptance
Card Acceptance in Grocery stores
Yes, accepted at all grocery stores
Limited acceptance
Limited acceptance
Single Card for all benefits
KYC Online
Real time MIS
Loading of Funds/Retracting the funds
Multiple login for employer 

Enabling employee benefits
is as easy as 1,2,3 with Xoxoday Multi-Benefit Card

Login account
Log in to your Xoxoday account to access all the features of our new-age card.
Activate & Recharge
Activate your card and recharge it with the allocated funds to enable the employee benefits programme. 
Ready to use
Once loaded, the  Multibenefit Card is ready to be distributed to employees, providing them with a range of benefits to enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Multi Benefits Card?

Xoxoday's Multi-Benefit Card is a prepaid instrument issued on the RuPay platform by your organization. It can used on food and non-alcoholic beverages, fuel, telecom spends among others with a wide acceptance. It is an employee benefit card that offers a tax exemption to employees.

2. How does the Multi Benefits Card help save taxes?

As per the Income Tax Act, the money loaded into Multi-Benefits card within the prescribed limits is tax-exempt and hence allows for tax saving.

3. Is is only digital or is it available in physical form also?

The card is available both in Physical and Virtual forms.

4. How does the Multi Benefits Card work for employers?

The card allows the employer to improve the financial wellness of an employee by increasing the take home salary.

5. What are the eligibility criteria for the Multi Benefits Card?

There is no eligibility Criteria for this product.

6. Can employees track their expenses with the Multi Benefits Card?

The employee can track their expenses through the web portal that will extended to them. Also, SMS alerts will be sent on every transcation.

7. Is the Xoxoday Multi Benefits Card accepted widely?

Since the card is powered by Rupay's payment network, it is accepted in all POS devices and E-com portals.

8. What if the card is lost or stolen?

If the card is lost or stolen, it can blocked through the web portal extended to the employee

9. Are there any additional fees associated with the Xoxoday Multi Benefits Card?

If an employee requires a physical card, associated charges will be incurred. The card doesn't carry any hidden or maintenance fee.

10. How can I get started with the Xoxoday Multi Benefits Card?

Activation of cards depends on the availability of user’s details prior to dispatch of cards or as per client requirement. Once user’s details are received, Xoxoday card gets activated.

11.What if I leave the organization? Will I still be able to use my Xoxoday Multi Benefits Card?

It will depend on the company policy. If your organization asks you to return the card, the same can be done through the Admin portal extended to the Corporate. The card balance will be withdrawn by the admin and settled in FnF after adjusting for tax deductions. If your organisation asks you to retain the card, the card can be used till the balance is exhausted or the card expires.

12. Can I withdraw cash using my Xoxoday Multi Benefits Card?

As per RBI regulations, no meal card can be used for withdrawal of cash.

13. Is there any limit on the balance of the card ?

With minimum KYC, the maximum card balance is INR 10,000 and with Full KYC done, maximum card balance is INR 2,00,000.

If you have any more questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact our support team at [email protected]. We're here to help you make your rewards program a success!