Incentivise Survey Responses Instantly

Improve survey response and fill rate with personalised rewards and gift cards
delivered instantly.
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Current Challenges

Survey Participation

Getting the right audience to participate in the surveys to increase accuracy is difficult.

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Lack of Proper Technology

Technology platform that can match any scale & automate rewarding at the same time.

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Control Fraudulent Claims

Difficulty in tracking multiple reward claims from the same user or IP address.

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Features & Benefits

Drive Increased Participation

Attract increased participation to your research and surveys by instantly sending rewards and gift cards to your respondents on survey completion via email, SMS, Whatsapp or QR code.

Xoxo codes
Xoxo codes

Increase Flexibility & Scalability

Set up and run survey incentives at any scale. Make your rewarding more flexible with a custom catalogue curated from 20000+ global options comprising gift vouchers, experiences, philanthropy, perks and more.

Automated Reward Programs

Eliminate the inefficiencies of a manual rewards process. Set up custom triggers and workflows to automate sending, tracking and managing rewards, incentives, gift cards, etc.

Xoxo codes
Xoxo codes

Real-time Experience

Provide the real-time reward experience users demand. Instantly gratify users with unique personalised gift cards and vouchers on completion of surveys.

Reduce Fraudulent Claims

Use Plum’s powerful approval workflows to reduce any kind of repeat or fraudulent claims. Scrutinize before either approving or rejecting reward claims.

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