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Entertain and retain your loyal customers with exclusive reward points

Limited reward options, extensive form fill-ups, frustrating redemption process, and boring discount schemes are only a few reasons customers abandon your loyalty programs. Switch to Xoxoday, a fully functional platform that helps your business deliver a frictionless reward gratification experience and enhance your loyalty campaigns across all verticals.

Repeat customers are the lifelines of brands and retailers

Customer acquisition is expensive. It’s 5 - 7 times higher than the cost to retain the existing ones. Neglecting to have a proper loyalty program strategy in place for your business can take a heavy toll. Start boosting your store’s profitability with the customers you already have. Repeat customers purchase more than new customers, and are highly likely to trust your services or products. They make the strongest brand advocates for your business over time.

We help bring you and your customers closer!

Procuring printed branded vouchers and loyalty cards can be time-consuming, costly, and adds on to the carbon footprint. Our rewards ecosystem enables you to delight your loyal customers by going beyond the traditional monetary perks. Designed to be hassle-free and convenient, our integration-friendly and platform-agnostic rewards infrastructure speed the redemption process in just a few clicks. Engage your customers with omnichannel, real-time, and personalized rewards with Xoxoday.

Get Your loyal customers to join and engage with your brand community

Xoxoday has everything you need to accelerate your overall loyalty life cycle. Reward your customers intelligently to ensure that they keep coming back to you. Send customised links with chosen reward options and value through SMS or email. From points, branded vouchers to eGift cards and more, we can bring your loyalty schemes bang up to date.

Spreading delight to 2M+ users with 1500+ businesses

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E-learning at the core

Automate Your Loyalty & Rewards Program in Minutes

Measure your ROI

Keep a track of all the egift cards that were sent and check whether they were redeemed or not. Evaluate how well your campaign is performing and measure your end goals for better business decisions.

Simplify your reward redemptions

Our powerful infrastructure keeps your loyalty campaigns running smooth. Redemptions are easy and trouble-free.

Personalize your message

Make your loyal customers feel on top of the world by crafting and sending them a personalized reward email. Give a special touch by adding your brand name, logo, custom message, and imagery.

Curate a customized catalog

Xoxoday gives you access to a global catalog of 21000+ reward options from 20+ exclusive categories to keep your customers happy and get the most out of your loyalty program. Save time and hassle of interacting with different vendors.

Automated and distributed


worth digital gifts within a few clicks

Great choice of rewards with extensive options to redeem from.

Global coverage is amazing!