Accelerate engagement and boost campaign ROI with digital rewards

Coming up with fresh and innovative demand generation strategies is complex but we got you covered. Savvy marketers have already gotten creative by gravitating to digital gifts with our automated reward engine to keep their prospects excited, drive engagement, and maximize ROI. What about you?

‘Advertising Fatigue’ can hurt your ROI badly

Consumers are bombarded with marketing ads and call-to-actions all the time. With campaigns everywhere, people are clicking less. In fact, social click-through rates dropped from 2.6% to 2% during the onset of the pandemic. Even the global social CTRs are decreasing by 30% every year on average.

It's natural for your target audience to tune out and be bored. Advertising fatigue can make your demand generation campaigns ineffective and decline your ROI over time.

Reward marketing is the secret weapon to combat and stand out

Don’t exhaust your audience and turn them off with traditional demand generation strategies. They no longer work in this fancy digital era. Grab your prospects’ attention by giving them a rich gratification experience that they can’t ignore. Foolproof your funnel from escape holes by backing them up with digital rewards and gifts.

Spreading delight to 2M+ users with 5000+ businesses

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Chauffeur your prospects down the funnel with delightful rewards

By the time you blink, your prospects have already given your ‘marketing ad’ a Pass or a Fail. Engagement is the key here. Leverage Xoxoday’s platform to create enriched human connections. Deliver relevant, desirable digital gifts with our reward-rich catalog to trigger your prospects to click, stay, and convert.

Fuel your Demand Generation campaigns with alluring rewards for maximized clicks

Win back lost prospects

Turn your cold leads into hot again by sending them delightful virtual rewards. Give your potential customers another chance to try and connect with your brand.

Keep them engaged

With delightful rewards in place, potential customers are sure to stay. It not just keeps the excitement going, but also helps reach your ultimate goal with the funnel.

Increase campaign ROI

It’s crucial to address prospects’ pain points but what actually drives action is personalized, relevant rewards. It helps convert high-value prospects into customers and boosts ROI.

Push your leads through the funnel and nurture them faster with digital gifts

Measure your ROI

Reduce data silos with the help of analytics throughout your marketing efforts. Track all the e-gifts sent and see in real-time if the prospects redeemed your vouchers or not. Evaluate your data and measure how well your demand generation campaigns are performing. Assess the key metrics to make better business decisions.

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Enjoy seamless integrations

Integrate seamlessly and reward your prospects from your existing workflows. Our unprecedented API is developer-friendly and requires no code. The architecture is designed to be highly-secured, fully-functional, and hassle-free. The components enable you to get started in no time.

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Quick and easy redemptions

Never before has redemption been made simpler. Our unique core components allow faster rewards processing so that your customers needn’t wait to get hold of benefits. Redeeming e-gift vouchers are just as easy as clicking a button. Leave a positive brand impact by showing your prospects what instant gratification feels like.

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Innumerable reward choices

Keep your prospects engaged at every stage and inspire them to take action with excitement. Give relevant and meaningful e-gifts from our extensive global catalog of 21000+ reward choices, experiences, perks, merchandise, and more across 20+ categories. Move prospects through the funnel a lot faster.

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Essential reading

Leverage reward marketing to boost engagement

Did you know that 82.4% of customers shop more from brands that have some reward programs in place. This proves why reward marketing is important for a business not just to stand out from the competition but also to drive more sales.

Reward marketing provides that ‘extra’ something to your customers.

Be it credits, e-gifts, incentives, monetary or non-monetary rewards, it serves as a flywheel to help you acquire high-value customers that stick around longer.

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Master the art of ABM (Account-Based Marketing)

Did you know that 83% of the marketers say that ABM helps drive engagement with their target audience. It also retains and expands existing customer relationships. ABM is all about building better relationships with positive brand impact.

ABM priorities quality over quantity. It goes a step further by identifying high-quality leads.

Target the most qualified prospects that are likely to buy from you. Utilize purchase intent data to blend it with creative storytelling to make your ABM strategy more fruitful.

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Automated and distributed


worth digital gifts within a few clicks

Great choice of rewards with extensive options to redeem from.

Global coverage is amazing!