Join the Swag Revolution

Experience the power of automation with Xoxoday’s: AI Swag-on-demand Platform. Tailor your swag strategy with personalized and branded items that reflect your unique brandIdentity.

We’ve got you covered for all your brand moments

Forge a stronger connection between your brand and your audience with our AI enabled on-demand Swag platform

We’ve got you covered for all your brand moments

Forge a stronger connection between your brand
and your audience with our AI enabled on-demand Swag platform

Experience the Power of swag-on-demand

Stand out from your competitors in a world full of reward and loyalty programs.

Maximize Company Culture

The products are designed to amplify a company's  culture, fostering appreciation and  connection through custom-generated gifts that uniquely represent any organization.

Optimize brand Engagement

Elevate your brand engagement through  personalized and branded gifting solutions,  forging a stronger connection between  your employees and your brand.

Maximize Gifting ROI

Experience a substantial return on  investment with Xoxoday swag, backed by comprehensive analytics and reporting to  measure the success of your gifting  initiatives.

Create your print-on-demand Swag in 3 easy steps

Browse & Select:
Recognize and appreciate your employees, customers, or partners by sending them Xoxo Reward Points, Xoxo Reward Code, or Xoxo Reward Link.
Tailored Consultation:
Encourage recipients to share the joy by allowing them to choose a cause or organization close to their heart. They can then redeem their Xoxo rewards to make a positive impact.
On-demand  fulfillment
Upon order, the item is  produced on-demand and  shipped to any doorstep,  through our vast global vendor and courier network.

Flexible & Scalable to meet your unique needs

Whether it's webinars, survey rewards, customer loyalty programs, employee recognition, make them successful with Xoxoday’s prepaid cards for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What types of company-branded merchandise do you offer?

We offer quality company-branded merchandise, including drinkware, apparel, stationery, tech accessories, and more.

2. Can we customize the swag items with our company logo or branding?

Yes! You can customize the items with your company logo or branding to make them uniquely yours.

3. What is the minimum order quantity for swag items?

We work with Print-on-Demand vendors, so you can order as low as 1 qty of the chosen items.

4. How long does it typically take for orders to be processed and delivered?

It takes between 10-14 working days for dispatch of your order, ensuring timely delivery.

5. Do you offer bulk discounts for larger orders?

We can look at a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) based discount for orders over 200 units, providing cost-effective solutions for bulk orders.

6. Can we see samples of the swag items before placing an order?

We do not support sampling, but we work with quality suppliers for the manufacture of the Swag items, ensuring high standards of quality.

7. What is your return policy if we're not satisfied with the quality of the swag items?

Swag items are customized to order and hence not returnable. However, we offer a replacement if you have received a defective, damaged, or incorrect product. Any complaints can be emailed at [email protected] for prompt resolution.

8. Can you assist with designing the artwork or logo for our swag items?

Yes, we can support this offline, ensuring your branding is represented accurately and effectively.

9. Are there any restrictions on the types of artwork or branding we can use on the swag items?

Not really, but we might not be able to support politically motivated statements or hate speech, maintaining a positive and inclusive environment.

10. Can we order a mix of different swag items, or are there specific package deals available?

You can order a mix of Swag items, but they will all be delivered as separate deliveries. We do not have hampers and kits at the moment, providing flexibility in customization.

11. Do you offer international shipping for swag orders?

Not at the moment. Every country will have a separate catalog and can be activated based on your requirements. We currently have Swag available only in the US, ensuring localized services and efficient delivery.

12. How do we go about placing an order for swag items?

You can place orders on the Plum storefront under Merchandise > Swag, providing a seamless ordering process for your convenience.

13. Is there a dedicated account manager or customer support team available to assist with our swag order?

Post-ordering, please get in touch with [email protected] for any order-related support, ensuring personalized assistance throughout the process.

14. What payment methods do you accept for swag orders?

We accept payment by Xoxocode/Points, ensuring convenience and flexibility in payment options. Any shortfall can be paid via our secure payment gateway, providing a hassle-free transaction experience.

Security and compliance at the core

Xoxoday platform meets the highest certification standards to help reduce compliance burdens for your business and keep payouts safe.

Here is what Xoxoday offers:

HTTPS and HSTS for secure connections
Vulnerability disclosure and reward program
The platform adheres to all global standards including WCAG, SOC II, ISO 27001, CCPA, HIPPA and GDPR
Checks and processes like VAPT, code reviews, BCP, firewalls, IDS, logging, monitoring, MFA, data encryption and code audits.