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Sodexo Food

Sodexo food services is dedicated to providing nutritious, delicious, and balanced meals across various sectors, including corporate offices, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and more. With a focus on quality and customer satisfaction, Sodexo ensures that every meal meets high standards of taste and nutrition.

What is Sodexo food?

Sodexo Food encompasses a wide range of food service solutions designed to cater to diverse customer needs. From daily meals in corporate cafeterias to specialized dietary options in hospitals, Sodexo aims to deliver exceptional dining experiences that promote health and well-being.

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What are Sodexo benefits?

Sodexo offers a range of benefits, including:

  • Meal cards: Providing employees with meal cards for tax-saving benefits and convenient access to meals at restaurants, cafes, and grocery stores. ‍
  • Gift vouchers: Offering gift vouchers that can be redeemed at various retail outlets, providing flexibility and choice. ‍
  • Reward programs: Implementing employee reward programs to recognize and incentivize performance and achievements. ‍
  • Tax savings: Enabling tax savings for employees through meal allowances provided via Sodexo benefits. ‍
  • Employee satisfaction: Enhancing employee satisfaction by providing valued perks and benefits that contribute to their well-being.

Where can I use my Sodexo meal card?

The Sodexo Meal Card can be used at a vast network of Sodexo-affiliated restaurants, cafes, and grocery stores. This card allows you to purchase meals, groceries, and various food items from participating outlets, making it a convenient option for managing your food expenses.

How do I get a Sodexo meal card?

Sodexo Meal Cards are typically provided by employers as part of their employee benefits package. To obtain a Sodexo Meal Card, check with your HR department to see if your company offers this benefit. If available, you will receive the card along with instructions on how to activate and use it.

How do I check the balance on my Sodexo meal card?

To check the balance on your Sodexo meal card, you have several convenient options:


  • Sodexo mobile app: Download the Sodexo app from your app store. Once installed, log in with your credentials to view your card balance and transaction history. ‍
  • Official Sodexo website: Visit the Sodexo website and log in to your account. Navigate to the card balance section to see your current balance and recent transactions. ‍
  • Customer service: Call the customer service number provided on the back of your Sodexo Meal Card. Follow the automated instructions or speak to a representative to check your balance. ‍
  • SMS service: Some regions offer an SMS service where you can send a text message with your card details to a designated number to receive your balance information. ‍
  • POS terminals: When making a purchase, you can ask the cashier to check your card balance at participating outlets with point-of-sale terminals.

How do I redeem Sodexo meal card points?

Redeeming points on your Sodexo Meal Card is straightforward and can be done at various participating outlets:


  • At participating restaurants and cafes: Present your Sodexo Meal Card at the point of sale. Inform the cashier that you would like to use your card for payment. The cashier will swipe your card, and the amount will be deducted from your balance. ‍
  • Grocery stores and supermarkets: Use your Sodexo Meal Card at affiliated grocery stores and supermarkets to purchase food items. Simply swipe your card at the checkout, and the points will be automatically redeemed. ‍
  • POS terminals: Many participating outlets have Sodexo-enabled POS terminals where you can swipe your card to redeem points for your purchases. ‍
  • Digital wallet integration: In some regions, Sodexo Meal Cards can be linked to digital wallets, allowing you to pay using your smartphone at participating outlets.

Can I use my Sodexo meal card for online purchases?

Yes, in many cases, you can use your Sodexo Meal Card for online purchases. However, the availability of this option depends on the specific terms and conditions in your region and the participating online merchants. Here are the steps to use your Sodexo meal card online:


  • Visit the merchant's website: Go to the website of a Sodexo-affiliated online merchant that accepts Sodexo Meal Cards. ‍
  • Select your items: Add the food items or groceries you wish to purchase to your cart. ‍
  • Proceed to checkout: During the checkout process, select Sodexo Meal Card as your payment method. ‍
  • Enter card details: Input your Sodexo Meal Card number and any other required details. ‍
  • Complete the purchase: Confirm the payment, and the amount will be deducted from your Sodexo Meal Card balance.

Do Sodexo Meal Card points expire?

Yes, Sodexo Meal Card points do have an expiration date. The validity period of the points typically depends on the specific terms and conditions set by Sodexo in your region. It's essential to regularly check your balance and be aware of the expiration dates to avoid losing any unused points. Here are some ways to keep track of your points' expiration:


  • Sodexo app and website: Both the app and the official website provide details about your point balance and their expiration dates. ‍
  • Transaction history: Regularly reviewing your transaction history will help you keep track of your point usage and remaining balance. ‍
  • Notifications: Enable notifications on the Sodexo app or subscribe to email alerts to receive reminders about your point balance and upcoming expirations.

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