Punchout-capable rewards & incentives: Procure & purchase rewards easily

Leverage Xoxoday Plum to seamlessly connect with any ERP and eProcurement systems like SAP Ariba, Workday, Coupa, or Jagger to procure, approve, and send attractive rewards to your business audience. Xoxoday automatically handles all the nuances, from shipping notices to invoices, and makes the entire rewarding process effortless.
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Trusted by leading companies globally

End-to-end procurement management from within your eProcurement and ERP system

Meet business objectives faster
Procure, approve, and send rewards to drive business goals faster.  Work with any eProcurement or ERP system you already use.
Send to a few or many at once
Procure and send rewards to a few or in bulk. Personalize your digital gift card delivery within your eProcurement system.
Seamless integrations
Xoxoday works with all ERPs — from SAP Ariba, Jagger to Coupa to Workday. Whether it uses cXML, EDI or OCI standards, we got you covered.

Setting up Xoxoday punchout rewards catalog to eProcurement system is only a 3-step process

Step 1

Configure Xoxoday as supplier

  • Configure Xoxoday by adding supplier credentials within your eProcurement system.
  • Configure the Xoxoday’s Punchout URL to securely auto-login the procurement officer into Xoxoday.
Step 2

Reward & delight

  • Start a Punchout session into Xoxoday from your eProcurement system with a secure auto-login.
  • Delight your audience from a curation of 26000+ reward options, ranging from branded e-gift cards to prepaid cards to experiential gifting.
  • Transfer the session back to the eProcurement system to approve the purchase and distribution.
Step 3

Drive engagement

  • Driver better engagement with your business associates—be it your customers, sales / channel partners or research / survey participants.
  • Create a sense of privilege and exclusivity by making your business associates feel that they are receiving special treatment and unique benefits.

Purchase and send rewards & incentives with Xoxoday Plum's Platform

Expedite your development with Xoxoday Plum's headless api, pre-built integrations and SDK.
Seamless integration
Connect with any eProcurement or ERP system you already use at work.
Add eGifts & Rewards to cart
Puchout to your eProcurement system to manage purchase approvals.
Complete procurement management
From invoicing to shipment notices to your eProcurement system, enjoy end-to-end management.
Global marketplace
Access a reward catalog that has 26000+ e-gifts from 5000+ brands.

Everyone loves rewards when done right

I have been using Xoxoday Plum for my team for over a year, and its been a very pleasing experience. Employees prefer Plum over other rewarding options as it allows them to choose their favorite brands.
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Overall experience with Xoxoday has been great. It provides variety of vouchers to use as per employee needs. Platform is user friendly, informative and best presentation.
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1. The variety of options to choose from is the prime outstanding feature.
2. Instant redeem option
3. Ease of use for fresh users
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Employee motivation is very important nowadays for a company to achieve great success, xoxoday is great platform where we can send gifts to employees through various options
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