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Here’s how Xoxoday can help with your sales promotions and marketing incentives


Incentivize surveys, trigger signups, boost engagement through gamified rewards and interactive promotions


Inspire high-intent leads to take action and motivate purchases through redeemable coupons or targeted marketing incentives


Minimize churn, improve RoAS, or boost revenue per sale with gaming mechanics that encourage engagement and interaction


Re-engage dormant leads and audiences with gamified elements plugged into interactive rewards promotion campaigns


Craft a brand reputation & build customer loyalty using bonus rewards, VIP experiences, and marketing incentives


Drive traffic, convert leads and nurture prospects with targeted offers and incentives in your marketing & sales campaigns

Getting started

Leverage Xoxoday’s Rewards and Incentives infrastructure to boost conversions, convert leads, and engage audiences in 3 simple steps


Choose different ways to engage with your audience, from a QR code to a SMS


Share the rewards seamlessly through contact number, Whatsapp or email.

Spread delight

Have your audience redeem their reward of choice in a single step

Make your marketing campaigns better

End to end marketing promotions for you to grow, engage, promote, and cultivate new audiences as well as old customers

Stimulate Sales

Trigger purchases and craft preemptive value for prospects in your marketing funnel and get them to engage with your sales promotion campaign

Generate Demand

Encourage action, boost referrals, and jumpstart the buyer journey with compelling rewards, fun experiences, and a range of gamified promotion programs

Delight Customers

Incentivize behavior, and nurture interaction with seamless, on-demand, and real time delivery of 20,000+ reward catalog options available across 80+ countries

Build compelling campaigns

Consumer promotions to accelerate your Sales and Marketing growth

increase in digital engagement for a D2C brand
better returns on ad spend for a FMCG organization
increase in customer referrals in a customer loyalty campaign
increase in engagement & retention
 better returns on RoAS
increase in profit per customer

Rewards in our programs

Incentivize purchases and engagement with a variety of gamified reward programs

Scratch & Win

Convert prospects into leads and leads into loyal customers. Stimulate purchases and introduce seamless convenience & purchasing flexibility.


Reward loyal customers, drive sales and strengthen brand awareness without devaluing your product and brand.


Drive web traffic, product sales and event engagement by interest and building participation.

Prize Draws

Introduce anticipation and bring in a sense of involvement and interaction to your marketing or sales campaigns.


Foster loyalty among existing customers and improve outreach and sales by bringing delight to brand interaction.

Spin the Wheel

Intrigue and entice customers to engage with your brand through gamified and exciting campaigns.

Integrate with apps you already use

Making it easier for you to run your awesome marketing campaigns

Survey Monkey

Integrate with Survey Monkey to nudge your survey respondents


Integrate Plum with Mailchimp to send rewards to retain and acquire customers


Integrate Plum with HubSpot to source rewards and run promotions


Integrate Plum with Salesforce to deliver personalized rewards to prospects


Integrate Plum with Typeform to send rewards to survey respondents


Integrate Plum with Zoho to drive better sales engagement


Integrate Plum with Qualtrics to boost survey respondents with rewards

Self-served, quick to set up, and easy to use

The platform is self-served, quick to set up, and easy to use. The value addition came in with the ability to create landing pages that triggered to show localised rewards, which helped our business in driving engagement. I also appreciate the excellent reward redemption support that you guys provided.

Sandeep John, Head of Field Marketing

Great range of global rewards

The customer service that they offer is exceptional and commendable. That was the most important criteria for us to decide on them.

Beth Roed, VP Strategy and Growth

Very responsive with 100% uptime

Thanks to Xoxoday, we can now automate the incentive procurement and distribution, thus saving high costs and time. The overall online respondent experience has also been excellent.

Ravi Gaur, Associate director

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Consumer promotions?

Consumer promotion is a marketing strategy designed to entice customers to buy more. The purpose of consumer sales promotion is twofold - to spread brand awareness in the market and build brand loyalty among current consumers and, consequently, to drive sales and conversions.

What are Marketing Incentives?

Marketing incentives are rewards that are meant to intrigue and entice prospects and customers to interact with marketing and sales promotions campaigns. With well-crafted marketing incentives, agencies, marketing & sales teams can drive acquisition, retention, and engagement.

Where can I plug rewards and incentives?

You can plug Xoxoday rewards into your Customer loyalty programs, Sales promotions campaigns, Customer Acquisition and Retention programs and Engagement campaigns. Rewards and promotions work across the funnel and can help you drive growth in your sales and marketing initiatives.

What does Xoxoday offer in terms of Consumer promotions?

Xoxoday brings gamified consumer promotions with unique rewards distributed via QR code-based solutions, SMS, and IVR-based solutions. With our gamifying promotion mechanisms such as Scratch and Win, Spin the Wheel, Peel to Reveal, Sweepstakes, Price Drop, Quiz contests, refer and earn - and many more - marketing and sales teams can build their gamified promotions and plug incentives to amplify their campaign engagement.

Can I automate the reward flow?

Yes. You can automate the reward sharing process.

How do I get the reports?

Xoxoday offers 100% transparency in terms of reporting. Track, Assess, and Analyze the Success of your Reward campaigns on an Intuitive Dashboard and see how incentives work for your marketing efforts.

How many countries and brands are in Xoxoday’s catalog?

Campaigns are powered with a holistic global catalog of over 21,000 rewards from over 80+ countries. So you can run seamless sales or marketing campaigns with incentives and rewards across the globe.

Can I send rewards in bulk?

You can easily send rewards in bulk — by spreadsheet upload, integrations and our APIs. Xoxoday makes it easier for you to share rewards across.