Harness the power of Instant-redemption

Maximize conversions and engagement through the effortless distribution of rewards via Xoxo Reward Codes.

Configure the expiry date for each link to suit your campaign

Not all reward campaigns have the same purpose, so there is a need to set up expiration dates that suit the objective. Xoxoday makes that easy.
  • Flexibility: Enables users to tailor the lifespan of each link according to campaign requirements.
  • Relevance: Ensures that promotional offers remain relevant by expiring links after the intended duration.
  • Control: Provides users greater control over their campaigns, allowing them to adjust expiry dates to optimize effectiveness.

Effortless one-step redemption of rewards

Provide your recipients with an effortless one-step redemption of rewards without requiring them to create an account.
  • One-Step Experience: Eliminates cumbersome account creation or login procedures for recipients.
  • Instant Redemption: Recipients can redeem rewards with just a single click, without friction.
  • Enhanced Satisfaction: A seamless journey enhances user satisfaction and encourages swift action.
  • Streamlined Process: Whether claiming incentives or redeeming loyalty rewards, Xoxoday ensures a hassle-free experience.

Personalized curated campaigns for your target audience

Create campaigns with a unique landing page to display a curated list of brands to redeem from
  • Immersive Experience: Dedicated pages where recipients explore curated brands, products, or experiences.
  • Visual Engagement: Provides a visually captivating brand experience to enhance engagement.
  • Conversion Boost: Acts as a powerful conversion engine by showcasing exclusive deals and rewards.

Flexibility to redeem rewards partially or combine codes for a bigger reward

Give your end users the flexibility to partially redeem Xoxo Codes or club multiple codes together to redeem a bigger reward
  • Partial Redemption: Users can redeem only a portion of the value from a reward code, allowing for flexibility in usage.
  • Combine codes for Bigger rewards: Users can combine multiple codes to unlock higher value redemptions.
  • Enhanced Flexibility: Provides end users greater control over how they utilize their rewards, catering to individual preferences.
Use cases

Endless opportunities with one unified solution

Corporate Gifting

Whether for your employee, clients or partners, Xoxo Reward Codes provide a personalized gifting experience. Recipients can redeem their Codes for a wide range of reward options.

Holiday Gifting

With the flexibility to redeem for various options, Xoxo Reward Codes make holiday gifting enjoyable.Recipients can use their Codes to treat themselves to gifts or experiences.

Referral Rewards

Stimulate customer referrals and word-of-mouth marketing by offering Xoxo Reward Codes as rewards for successful referrals, incentivizing existing customers to promote your brand and expand your 

Consumer Promotion

Boost consumer engagement and sales through consumer promotions by offering Xoxo Reward Codes as incentives, encouraging purchases and fostering brand loyalty.

ABM (Account-Based Marketing)

Drive personalized marketing efforts with Xoxo Reward Codes to reward targeted accounts, strengthening relationships and increasing sales.

Channel Incentives

Motivate channel partners, resellers, or distributors to achieve sales targets and performance goals by rewarding them with Xoxo Reward Codes, fostering collaboration and driving revenue growth.

Deliver instant gratification in three easy steps

Reward recipients
Send a unique code with chosen reward options and value via email or SMS.
Browse and redeem
Recipients select from your curated options in one step without registering, simplifying the process.
Instant Gratification
Sit back and relax! Your recipient will receive their chosen reward shortly.

We built the reward marketplace, so you don’t have to

Use Plum's Reward Marketplace to easily and securely send out rewards and incentives globally.
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5000+ customers globally use Xoxoday to fuel growth

"The platform is self served, quick to set up, easy to use"

The value addition came in with the ability to create landing pages that triggered to show localized rewards, which helped our business in driving engagement. I also appreciate the excellent reward redemption  support that you guys provided.

Sandeep John -  Head of field marketing, SE Asia, Freshworks

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"Very responsive with 100% uptime"

Thanks to Xoxoday, we can now automate the incentive procurement and distribution, thus saving high costs and time. The overall online respondent experience has also been excellent.

Ravi Gour - Regional Panel Leader (Asia-Pacific), Nielson

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“A Superpower for growth marketers”

Xoxoday is that superpower that every growth marketers can do so much with! Xoxoday has been a great value adition to Xero. We achieved a 20% growth year on year and it’s a brilliant performance for us.

Matt Wale -  Head of Growth Marketing, Nielson

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"Increased rewarding efficiency - 52% of employee"

Our employees really like the Xoxoday rewarding process. The customer service that they offer is exceptional and commendable. That was the most important criteria for us to decide on them.

Human Resource Business Partner, H&M

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"100% customer resolutions within SLAs"

Xoxoday Plum has an edge over the other aggregators and the brands because of meagre number of options they provide for redemption. The rewards dashboards method of rewarding is a drastically quicker and smarter way to implement rewarding strategies.

Biju Samuel, Capgemini

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Enterprise grade platform that is fully secure and designed to scale

Data protection is of utmost importance at Xoxoday, and we are committed to providing a safe, secure, and compliant loyalty ecosystem for businesses.