Turn puzzle into picture with insights that drive action

The days of “data for data’s sake” are over. Get meaningful insights, track every activity in a single view and make fast, fact based actionable decisions with Xoxoday’s comprehensive dashboard.

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Reward & Incentive Programs work, but without clear insights knowing if they work can be a pain!

Managing, creating, and sharing reports can be a resource-intensive activity that requires significant amount of efforts to meet differing requirements. The added task of monitoring spends, tracking redemptions across geographies, business units, or campaigns can lead you to not believe in rewarding programs, albeit their obvious benefits across functions.

Order from the chaos - Intuitive Reporting Dashboard

When running your reward programs with Xoxoday, you get to experience an intuitive reports section that helps you keep track of all the transactions and have them delivered to your inbox promptly. Our interactive dashboard with a comprehensive reports section makes managing rewarding programs a breeze!

Everyone gets more done with Xoxoday’s robust data insights

Interactive dashboard created to help you save hours of work and create reports in the blink of an eye. Teams across departments can now use the power of rewarding, scale it as per need and easily measure its ROI.

Reporting:  Instantly demonstrate the value of your rewards & incentive program’s effort

Visualize your data, analyze your program’s performance, measure ROI, and back your decisions with clear business metrics.
With Xoxoday, keep track of all the transactions, be it Xoxo Points, Xoxo Codes, Xoxo Links, Perks History, Rewards Pro etc, all in one place. Our reports also allow you to check the status of your transactions along with details like invoice date, amount, invoice note, balance, and comments. You can even view the redemption history of the recipients. Do all that and more!

We get your need for - freedom & flexibility

Be it looking at the reports from an organisational level by a super admin or at campaign level by admin, we got you covered.
With our platform, a super admin can view org reports and schedule rewards delivery or cancel anytime; while admins enjoy the freedom and flexibility to use their budgets and view reports at campaign levels.

Overview a snapshot of payment history

You no longer have to go through multiple steps to view the transaction details. Our simple yet clear reporting tool provides you the visual picture you would want to see
Not just that, you can even view the spends and remaining budget at an organizational level.

Yes, you should trust your gut!
But also back it up with intuitive reports

Push past “good enough”

All-in-one does not means the absence of details. Our reports are so designed to give you a deeper in information as required by simply selecting the desired variable or object.

Keep it rolling

Never miss out on rewarding a happy customer or a potential prospect just because you are clueless of your spend so far. Use our wallet history to get a real time report of the spend

Customize as you need

Each decision level report can be customized to present the most valuable and useful set of information. See only the data you need to get your job done and meet your goal.

Reward from the flow of work

Integrate with your favourite work tools within minutes. Rewarding will never feel like a task anymore!

Rewards API

Leverage developer-friendly building blocks to launch rewards & incentives engine with a shorter time to market. Automate rewards and incentives delivery from within by connecting your applications.

Great range of global rewards

Our employees really like the Xoxoday rewarding process. The customer service that they offer is exceptional and commendable. That was the most important criteria for us to decide on them.

Beth Roed, VP Strategy and Growth

Really great and easy to use application

Xoxoday’s digital rewards platform, global e-catalogue and their channel partner survey features has made a significant impact on the way we engage with our channel partners.

Malachi Bennett, Loyalty Partnership Manager

Self-served, quick to set up, and easy to use

The platform is self-served, quick to set up, and easy to use. The value addition came in with the ability to create landing pages that triggered to show localised rewards, which helped our business in driving engagement. I also appreciate the excellent reward redemption support that you guys provided.

Sandeep John, Head of Field Marketing

Very responsive with 100% uptime

Thanks to Xoxoday, we can now automate the incentive procurement and distribution, thus saving high costs and time. The overall online respondent experience has also been excellent.

Ravi Gaur, Associate director

Security and compliance
at the core

Xoxoday platform meets the highest certification standards to help reduce compliance burdens for your business and keep payouts safe.

Encryption of sensitive data
HTTPS and HSTS for secure connections
Vulnerability disclosure and reward programme

Application Security Guaranted

For all customers, data is isolated in separate applications, preventing any leakage or exchange of information.
All customer's data is encrypted at rest including: user email addresses, user passwords, and API keys.
In our API, we support OAuth authentication and a UI for revoking tokens.
All changes to the code and infrastructure are reviewed to ensure they follow best practices and security guidelines (such as OWASP).

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? It's ok, It is good to questions. You are the curious one! We hope these help, if they don’t, did we tell you about the support that no one can beat in the industry.

Can admins resend rewards from the dashboard?

Can I integrate it with the tools I already use?

What support do you provide when it comes to resolving queries ?

Is the data transfer between different applications and Xoxoday seamless?

Does Xoxoday have an information security policy and is it communicated and published to all employees, suppliers, and other relevant external parties?