Build a customer-first brand!

You can now configure custom reward campaigns and incentivize your customers to share feedback. Increase customer lifetime value by fostering meaningful relationships.

Capture feedback effectively

Plum helps firms increase participation by using digital rewards and incentives. Now, collect feedback that is accurate, and insightful, and act on them.

Reward management made easy

The seamless integration not only makes reward management simple and easy but also ensures an excellent end-user experience.

Global Rewards Catalog

With 20,000+ reward options from over 70+ countries, now allow your panelists to redeem their reward points on our extensive global catalog which includes gift cards, experiences, and more.

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Easy to use!

No human intervention or technical support needed to set up this integration. Set up the no-code workflow with a step-by-step walkthrough.

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Why should you choose this integration?

Whilst Qualtrics enables thousands of firms across the globe to capture customer and employee feedback for various use cases, Plum adds value to this functionality by incentivizing respondents, improving survey response rates, and creating a unique brand experience.

With Plum, you can now set up custom workflows and triggers to automate the complete process of sending, tracking, and managing rewards, incentives, gift cards, etc

Now, seamlessly integrate Plum with Qualtrics and make the entire process of rewarding hassle-free.

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