Increase lead conversion with digital rewards!

Drive higher product sign-ups, meetings and demos, re-engage lost leads, and increase webinar registrations by configuring custom reward campaigns and incentivizing them to interact with your CTAs.

Celebrate milestones with your customers

Gift your customers on special occasions and personal/professional milestones. Become a brand with a personal touch and create a loyal customer base. Foster meaningful relationships with your customers by sending customized gifts throughout the customer journey.

Drive referrals!

Reward your customers for every review and testimonial shared. Setup automation workflows from your CRM to incentivize prospects and customers for different use cases.

Global Rewards Catalog

With 20,000+ reward options from over 70+ countries, now allow your prospects & customers to redeem their reward points on our extensive global catalog which includes gift cards, experiences, and more.

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Easy to use!

No human intervention or technical support needed to set up this integration. No code workflow set-up with a step-by-step walkthrough.

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Why should you choose this integration?

Whilst Hubspot marketing hub enables thousands of firms across the globe by acting as a centralized sales and marketing destination, Plum adds value to this functionality by incentivizing prospects and customers and helps teams foster meaningful relationships with them.

With Plum, you can now set up custom workflows and triggers to automate the complete process of sending, tracking, and managing rewards, incentives, gift cards, etc

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