Compounded happiness, delivered with Delight

Point-based rewarding where you can create unique points that are linked directly to the recipient’s email id or phone number and keep accumulating automatically every time a reward point is distributed.

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How Xoxo Points work

You Share

Send Xoxo Points via Email and SMS with your custom branding.

They Choose

Recipient chooses from over 25,000+ gift options.

Spread Delight!

Recipient redeems the points & gets the gift voucher instantly.

Go global with multi-currency option

Recipients from all around the globe can redeem offerings of their choice and their currencies. Don’t worry—the conversion value of points is with respect to the base currency, but the points are converted to their currency equivalent value.

Freedom to choose

Let your recipient choose what they want, when then want it and where they want it from! Xoxo Points make it easy for the end consumers to not only accumulate points and spend on bigger rewards but also gives them the flexibility to add a little extra amount to buy their preferred gift.

Easy upload and seamless distribution

Send out Xoxo Points to a wide audience at once or individually in a jiffy. Upload recipient emails in bulk and pick out your channel you’re comfortable with—be it SMS, Email, or API. Tailor the template according to your fancy and let the rewarding begin!

Flexible Denominations

Not every situation fits the cookie cutter. Your fully customizable Xoxo Points campaign just got easier to play with, now that denominations of points can be set flexibly for distribution and redemption.

Reward from the flow of work

Integrate with your favourite work tools within minutes. Rewarding will never feel like a task anymore!

Rewards API

Leverage developer-friendly building blocks to launch rewards & incentives engine with a shorter time to market. Automate rewards and incentives delivery from within by connecting your applications.

Power-packed with features to deliver eGifts

Global eGift Catalog

Gift cards & vouchers from 3000+ brands across the world

Personalized communication

Real-time delivery of eGifts via customisable email templates

Multi-Currency Support

Rewards delivered in customer's native currency without any conversion hassles

Do More with your Budgets

With on-redemption pricing, you only pay for the claimed rewards

Analytics & Insights

Get comprehensive delivery reports from the Plum dashboard

Simple to Set-up

Configure it in a matter of minutes - No code required

We Keep Your Privacy Intact

You focus on delighting your people, we will ensure that your privacy is intact. We take data integrity and security very seriously. Over 2 million customers across the globe trust us with their data security.

Support that No One Can Beat in the Industry

Our support team consists of technical experts who act like your partners. You can count on us everytime you feel you need a human to resolve for your smallest to biggest queries.